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  1. As a heads up to those of us eating outside of London, I thought I'd post about two recent meals. No blow by blow reviews, as I have neither the skill in description nor the pinpoint memory of some forumites.

    The first, last month, was Moor Hall, situated just outside Ormskirk. Holds a star and has a bistro in the grounds where we had lunch. Excellent and very friendly service throughout, complimentary coffee and afternoon cakes too. An excellent meal in a modern annexe to the old manor house. Shows the Rogan influence in cooking and presentation but all dishes lovely and enthusiastically delivered. What elevated it for me to truly remarkable was the superb sommelier and fabulous wine list. He was very keen to discuss choices and made a couple of excellent recommendations which worked beautifully with the courses he suggested. Threw in a complimentary glass of Vin Jaune about 2/3 of the way through, to contrast the white Musar I was drinking at the time. Service was faultless, excellent rooms, and a definite re-visit for us.

    The second, Ynyshir in deepest, darkest Mid-Wales. Again a manor-type house. Only 20 covers. 2 menus each of around 20 courses, furnished by a brigade of only 6 including the head chef and attended by 3 front of house. Courses obviously small, varying from the good to the simply divine, and delivered by the chefs themselves. A turntable in the dining room, with the staff's vinyl collection underneath, leading to eclectic music being played. Brilliantly relaxed, and a bonus, everything on the list available by the glass. Again, I'd return very very happily.
  2. I think Moor Hall is very special. The comparisons with L'Enclume are inevitable, but I think it's important to remember that Mark Birchall was head chef/executive chef there for quite a long time, so much of what we ate at L'Enclume then was Mark's food, not Simon Rogan's.

    I find Moor Hall so much more relaxed, and an all round nicer place to be than L'Enclume. The sommelier team are excellent, and, as you suggest, generous once they cotton on you're interested in wine. The by the glass selections can be really interesting, and more than once I've ended up with two glasses for some courses so I could say which I thought was the better match.
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  3. That chimes exactly with my impressions of the place, Andrew. It was a thoroughly pleasant experience.
  4. 20 courses in deepest mid Wales... wow... I am in awe of the passion that goes into some of these places. Will put those on the list to check out if I'm ever in the area
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  5. Just checking the wine list from Moor Hall - that is a very impressive, non-showy, well thought out list!
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  6. Enjoyed lunch at Moor Hall yesterday.
    Worth noting that their cheeses come from the excellent Courtyard Dairy near Austwick and many of their wines from Buon Vino next door to the dairy.

    [edit] Forest Side also use Buon Vino and Courtyard Dairy [/edit]
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  7. Another thumbs up for Moor Hall. I took my mother today for lunch and we both loved it. Service was first class (there are a lot of staff). I had two of the Coravin whites by the glass - 2008 Frederic Emile (not oxidised) and a 2010 Lafon Meursault (not oxidised). Mum had a very good South African Chenin Blanc (her choice). Excellent beatroot starter followed by excellently cooked hake and a lovely strawberries with cicely. Mark wasn’t around when I left but I will certainly be sending him a message.

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