Good God, what a handsome fellow

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Tom Cannavan, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Receiving my award in Verona at the weekend. Alongside is Gina Gallo who was the other international award winner, Gallo announced as international wine producer of the year.

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  2. Yes... who is the man on the right? :p
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  3. P.S. Enjoy the glory, well deserved!
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  4. Well done Tom.
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  5. Congratulations Tom, well deserved.

    The height gradient in the picture did get me thinking...:D

  6. Tom Cannavan

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    Don't tell
    Don't tell Gina, let alone the little man on the right - still no idea who he is, except that he is very important :p
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  7. Never mind that - who's the bald geezer on the left?
  8. Tom is tall but not that tall. Who is the incredibly short bloke anyway?
  9. Two buck Chuck?
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  10. Small but perfectly formed.
  11. He could be the Capo di tutti capi of the Cosa Nostra. You could be a made man Tom, but there could be strings attached...
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