NWR Happy 80th Birthday Tony Blackburn

What a survivor. It must be fifty years ago that I saw him with Pete Murray coming up the drive of our school in a green MG for a cricket match. The last word in glamour, it seemed at the time. Is he still on the wireless?
Good spot Ray. I am a long time admirer of Tony Blackburn - I remember him on Top of the Pops in the 1970s. Yes he is still on the wireless Thom. I often listen to him between 6am and 8am on a Saturday morning with his sounds of the sixties, when I am off somewhere cycling in the country. I love his corny jokes and his dead pan delivery. And his musical knowledge of that particular era is second to none. Seven years ago the BBC tried to get rid of him and stitch him up by falsely implicating him in the Jimmy Saville affair, but the accusations had no substance, and they had to reinstate him. Happy birthday Tony!
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My brother used to listen to Pirate radio in the top bunk, when I was supposed to be sleeping in the bottom bunk, and Tony was a radical off-piste music evangelist. Radio Caroline I think, not Luxembourg
Dear Raymond
I've always thought we should have a local radio show of our own.

Let's Rock!!!
You 'aint seen nothing yet!

(at the very least Don should let us DJ at this years Christmas WIMPS- Rock on Mate!)