TN Hermitage Monier de la Sizeranne Chapoutier 1990

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  1. My last bottle of two cases bought on release - still a very good dense ruby-red colour, with a classic mature N. Rhone syrah nose with dark red fruit, a touch of sousbois, a hint of leafiness (in a positive way), and a twist of polished leather. Now gentle and fully mature on the palate, but also with grace and elegance, beautifully balanced and almost tertiary on the extended finish. Strangely, it's more like a very fine Cote-Rotie than deep, dark Hermitage, but none the worse for that. If you've got any of these, pull the cork!
  2. Sounds lovely Richard, I’ve had some very good Chapoutier wines from the 90’s. Something tells me the more recent wines from the estate won’t quite age as gracefully.
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  3. Less or more pleasurable than ten years ago, Richard, or just different?
  4. If I am strictly honest, probably just a notch or two below the enjoyment level of ten years ago Tom, but it is still very enjoyable in a tertiary way.
  5. I think that's true Ullaim. The 1995 Sizeranne is still a very good wine and the 1998 excellent QPR when bought in about 2010 and decent Hermitage in its own right. The 2001 was pretty good too, but they're all gone now. Strangely enough, the 1989 was always better than the 1990 with this cuvee. I still have a few bottles of the former left which will need to be polished off in the next year or two.
  6. I also have a soft spot for Chapoutier Hernitage (& Cote Rotie) from this era, though I think I've drunk all mine. Was there a sense that the Sizeranne quality tailed-off a bit after they started making their single vineyard "Ermitage" wines around that time? I don't think I've tried a recent young wine.
  7. Why do members think more recent Chapoutier wines won't age so well?

    I don't own anything from Chapoutier beyond 2005 but I can see no reason why more recent wines won't be age worthy in the future.

    Are we trying to say that at some point they became Parkerised (although he has always been a fan)?

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