Is there a new kid in town?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Raymond Tilney, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Just received the latest addition to our champagne glass family.
    Whilst I won’t get to use it until Friday I thought a bit of midweek glass porn might be welcomed.
    The diameter at the top is the same as the Zalto and Veuve LGD.
    Amazingly whilst the same height, though perhaps with 50% more capacity it is way lighter than the Zalto, with a noticeably thinner rim!!
    Weight is 74 gms versus 89 for the Zalto, which is on the right in the following photos.
    It is by the Austrian manufacturer Sophienwald.
    I should also commend the UK distributor who trades as Private Somm for incredible service.
    Ordered and acknowledged on Sunday afternoon, despatched with notification on Monday and received Tuesday lunchtime...Brilliant.
    6981EB53-217B-4A11-9F14-1B9B1C82C6F0.jpeg 48DB8EFC-FFC7-4BF1-BC65-445639F8D724.jpeg
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  2. Wondering the price, Ray?

    Hard to imagine a glass lighter than the Zalto (Zalto Champagnes are easily the lightest glasses I own, and I never take them into the garden for fear even a modest breeze will send them flying off the table).

    Have to say, they look rather nice. Will look forward to the test on Friday.
  3. David,
    Many times we have watched a Zalto start to skid across the table as the breeze was seemingly attracted to the glass as the contents reduced....Debbi usually calls for a top up, just on safety grounds.
    Yes, amazing just how light this glass is but with a base nice and wide to stop toppling, shouldn’t wish my life away but roll on Friday.
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  4. I noticed the bigger base, which IMHO is a design fault with the Zalto. I love its drinking style, but I cannot understand why after several years I still have six. Broke my first Universal ever this month so now down to five, a horrid number to own.
  5. I like the look of the glass and the wider base, if this is lighter than a Zalto then that is impressive, I may need to give this a whirl
  6. So Ray, out of the (literally) now 29 variants of Champagne glass you have, what is the current recommendation for someone who only wants "one to rule them all and in the darkness bind them"?
  7. If there could be only one.
    There is a Riedel Sommelier standard champagne glass that they made for Veuve Clicquot around 12 years ago.
    Debbi and I purchased a couple at Veuve in Reims in 2007,though now long discontinued we have subsequently located a few more along the way.
    It is Debbi’s immediate go to glass for everything champagne, and whilst I am more fickle on glasses...if there can be only one, this would be the Highlander glass.
    At least until Friday.
  8. Sorry, can't get excited about expensive glasses.

    I'd much rather spend the money on wine.

    Of course, the classical thing is to drink Champagne form a dancing girl's slipper.
    As saké is best consumed from a Japanese girl's navel.

    And so it goes,

    Alex R.

  9. When just a few glasses can make such a different to hundreds of bottles of wine?
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  10. They look beautiful Ray and I look forward to hearing your verdict - what will you be baptising them with?

    It was interesting that Troisgros uses the Lehmann version of the Jamesse glass to serve their better champagne by the glass (Comtes 2007) but then switches to a Zalto Universal for a Selosse with dinner.

    Hedone uses a Zalto Bordeaux for Selosse.

    I was happy with the Universal but felt it accentuated the vinosity whereas the Bordeaux seemed a little more seamless but maybe it was bottle variation.

    Helen still prefers the Riedel Sommelier 4400/28 Vintage Champagne as an all purpose for mature or finer champagne. The Zalto sweet wine is great for rose and the Zalto champagne for lighter less serious champagnes or ones which are to be served well chilled.
  11. Steven,

    It's a (mostly) free world and people can spend their money on whatever they like. Of course.
    Seeing as my own resources are not infinite, and because glasses *do* break from time to time, I personally cannot be bothered about angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin discussions as to the ideal drinking vessel, especially ones that recommend different glasses for different types of wine.

    I have Champagne (sparkling wine) flûtes and all-purpose glasses. And that suits me just fine.

    Give me a Château Lafite in a juice glass over a lesser wine in an expensive, thin, easily-breakable glass any time.

    I enjoy playing pool. A good player with a basic cue will beat an average player with an expensive cue every time.
    What about the good player with an expensive cue? Will he be that much better?
    Maybe, but I doubt it.

    All the best,
    Alex R.
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  12. Benedict, I agree that the Universal enhances vinosity in Champagne, but for me (a very personal thing) I feel there are a relatively small number of wines where this is a good thing. I think Ray knows I go this way.

    It does mean that the wine really expresses itself, where a flute (the other extreme) would restrain it more. With Selosse, Prévost, Laissaigne etc it’s nice to give the wine its head, whereas with Comtes (for example), you don’t want to let it all hang out.

    These two examples truly exemplify why my personal taste is to use different glasses, treating Champagne as a genre with very different wine types (which I have no doubt you do too). I try to think about which glass to use based on past experience. I find it fun to puzzle over.

    Alex’s position is wholly understandable if, as I surmise, Champagne is not such a “thing” for him. But “classical” is not the word I would have chosen for slipper and navel. Nor classy, particularly on hygiene grounds.
  13. Bit of a catch all post to address a few points from above.

    I think the point about Lafite in a cheap glass v's a lesser wine in better glass is a bit of a red herring.
    The real question is whether Lafite is better enjoyed from a superior glass?

    I also believe that snooker players (Apologies I have no experience of pool at the highest level) at the World championships use expensive cues. Similarly when watching Wimbledon I didn't see too many sh@tty cheap rackets being used.
    Now I understand all about PP and sponsorship but setting that aside....
    Is it your belief that they are mistaken about superior equipment, or have all given in to hype?

    Debbi is keen to taste using this glass v's her LGD so we shall baptise it with something we have had recently, perhaps CH Brut reserve from the same disgorgement as a week or two ago.
    Perhaps my second go to for many years has been the Sommelier 4400/28 which Helen prefers, though I have had more of these break than Zalto's for some reason, I have a few left but some are the black tie version which is taller and even less stable.

    I really don't get on at all with the Zalto Universal, but I think that is really to do with what I drink.
    I have only one, but if you ever make it along to an offline I am at I will be delighted to make your 5 back up to 6 by way of an appearance fee. Afterall we missed sharing an earlier undertaking, which IIRC may have been the Bereche Reflet en Mag.
  14. Raymond,

    I'd be glad get it on with Scarlett Johanssen whether she wore a Dior gown or jeans and a T-shirt (or nothing at all...).

    I think accoutrements are no more than détails and deter attention from the essential.

    Size (and shape) matters, but good "universal" wine glasses are 99% of the way there IMHO.

    If you want to pay quite a bit more for that extra 1%, and can easily afford it, then I see your point though.

    All the best,
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  15. Ray, thank you. I always try to keep my Reflet supplies at a minimum of three, but I’ve never drunk it from Magnum.

    I’d love to manage a Champagne event, though aside from a few DP, Comtes and just one Goisses now, most of my Champagne is just grower rubbish...or lesser Taittinger such as Folies. It’s the geek in me that has got me even more interested in the grower stuff. And Peter Liem’s book, an expensive purchase on more than one level.
  16. Well having a few key types of glasses really do help and work. I’m a fan of a good red, white and champagne glass (not narrow flute). These can be purchased very cheaply as well. I’m not a glass nut or geek. The Zwisel Schott Red angled glasses for example are fantastic at a good price.

    Now onto this one. Must admit it looks nice Ray and for once I thought I might buy one.
    Popped onto the website and liked the fact they have a minimal range approach with one glass for all (Whites, Reds, Champers).
    Ended up buying them all. Just two of each as needed to fill out my glasses.

    The website on iOS iPad is however a disaster in design and implementation. Long story short, many failed attempts, no confirmation and multiple purchases. Eventually got through to them and very helpful and all sorted.
    New glasses on way soon.
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  17. Mike,
    Do let me know if the fulfilment experience is as good as I reported.
    You may end up trying them out before I do.
    Let’s hope they deliver on the palate, the look and feel of the champagne really is super......You really did get the bug didn’t you:)
  18. Arrived today.
    Very nice looking and feeling glasses.
    Very light and that base does almost seem oversized.
    I got the red glasses as well which are very much burgundy bowl types and they have the same sized base.

    Be interesting to see how they act under full payload :)

    Thursday / Friday before I get testing.
  19. The Champagne glass was tried out over the weekend.
    2002 Orpale, was in decline and this glass fully evidenced this.
    2004 Plilipponnat BdB, didnt think this glass would suit BdB but it was preferred to the Riedel Sommelier original very straight flute which often works well with BdB, and Debbi even thought it better than her LGD Sommelier!
    My instinct tells me this glass may be really fine for things like Bollinger GARosé, I obviously have no science for this as I acknowledge we are firmly in esoteric territory when we discuss glasses.
    Got the instruction to order more, but only of the Champagne.
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  20. I should never click on a champagne glasses thread, it always ends up costing me!
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  21. It sounds like a Zalto sweet wine with a slightly finer rim...?
  22. These do sound rather good, but I really can't justify yet more Champagne glasses. I am enjoying reading the thread's analysis and dissection of which wines suit which glasses, though. I know some find it a bit too geeky, but honing your tasting technique with different receptacles is something I find really helps my wine appreciation.
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  23. Benedict,
    I really never got on with the Zalto dessert glass for champagne, though quite a few who’s view I respect are more enthusiastic.
    This is really way more of a lighter thinner version of the LGD glad you will have seen Debbi with.
    The shape is quite similar, so also not a million miles away from the Krug Josef glass, though with more capacity than either of those.
    It does though make them look and feel a bit dated, for instance the weight of the LGD is 139gms verses just 74gms for this one which has a larger base and a bit more bowl space.
    I am not really sure how you can achieve such weight reduction , even compared to Zalto unless the actual material or glass is lighter somehow?
    Oh and another observation.
    When we used these glasses outdoors on Sunday, compared to the Zalto and LGD the new glass misted up ( condensation) in line with the pour level almost immediately where the air temperature met the cooler liquid in the glass The other glasses did the same but less speedily.
  24. Well the red wine glasses get their first outing and a very nice pretty glass. Lovely light weight and feel.
    Very nice indeed.

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  25. I’ve received mine and will test over the weekend, first glance and the shape is lovely and super light, but the base while practical for stability looks a little odd, I will report back once it’s been used appropriately
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