NWR Jürgen Klopp - the best ambassador for Germany and Football

Just had friends visiting from England (aiming to Val d'Isere). They moved last year from London to close to Wells (not far from Bristol). The 3 kids (8 to 13 years old) go to a private school down there and we were regaled to singing and piano playing (no organ or violin in our place) after diner. The pictures from their (musical) displays at school make it look like old traditional English (with a bit Harry Porter...). So, good old traditions are still alive and they may join OxBridge later in their life. Really a joy to have them for a short stay and enjoy old British traditions upheld.

(confession: he is French/Italian, she is South Korean... but the kids are really British, talk about assimilation...)... We treated them to French culinary traditions.
No violin ? just didn’t bring to your place ?
“We’ve polled 2,000 adults in the UK in September 2023 and collated data from a number of sources to establish”

1 in 5 is nonsense.

Independent School Attendees Figures in 2023
Our survey covered those adults who were privately educated as children. But how many children are in independent schools in the UK today?

According to data from the Independent Schools Council’s 2023 census, there are 554,316 pupils currently attending Independent Schools in the UK, representing around 5.9% of all school attendees in the country.

This figure represents an increase of 16% against 1990’s figure of 474,203.”
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Are they really “British”? What you describe is something that is totally alien to the the 99.99% of us Brits?
I was talking about music and singing British traditions that enlightened our evening. Pretty confident that music and singing are not totally alien to 99.99% of "you Brits". And it would be a tragedy if music and singing were not taught or even banned in the public sector non public schools... ;)

By the way, they moved to the countryside last year only and were attending non private (or non public school as you name them to confuse me) school when living in London... sure their musical skills improved in the last year but they existed before.
(note I never went to a private school and still play the piano... while I will avoid singing for obvious reasons...)
Mike, they don’t take their violin on a ski holiday. I only have a piano
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Anyway seems a slight thread drift Klopp is very much an excellent ambassador and also quite a working class. Left wing sort of guy. Suits Liverpool

Yes, he always was. Also at his time in Germany, he was not shy to express his kind of leftist opinion. He comes from the south of Germany, around Freiburg, where the heart of our Green Party is, quite a leftist University area.

I have to say from an outsider, as I live in Germany, Chapeau to Jürgen Klopp, as when Liverpool had all these great success and the team came to an end of the cycle, he had an easy escape route, became coach of the German National Team, instead he decided to establish a Liverpool 2.0. Fair to say they are not as good as in the season when they won PL, CL etc., but they are moving in the right direction. I hope they will buy 1-2 players for the defense in January.

It will be interesting to watch what they will do with all the money when Salah moves to Saudi Arabia next summer. Mbappe would be a great replacement, but I doń`t think he fits in this special Liverpool surrounding/biotop. AND the weather is better in Madrid. haha
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