Joseph Voillot Volnay 1er cru Champans 2015 recall

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  1. My merchant is recalling this from my IB storage facility as apparently the producer has raised QC issues. Compensation will be only purchase price of £495 even if in general prices have moved since then. No suggestion of replacing it with 2014 or 2016 which trade higher and to be fair I have not yet proposed to them that they swap it. Also tempted not to play ball and refuse the recall since the wines are physical and stored under a separate "independent" storage entity.
  2. They certainly can't compel you to surrender it!
  3. Credit to Voillot for coming forward with whatever this is. On the face of it I guess it speaks of proper attention to quality.

    Plenty of other producers would not have put their hand up, witness those denying premature oxidation issues.
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  4. I’d ask what the problem is before agreeing to let it go.
  5. Totally agree. I really like Voillot so I do appreciate the care and attention. Not too sure how many others would go to the trouble.

    I have emailed the merchant pointing out that the producer should fix this problem by supplying a replacement (at no extra cost) from a stellar vintage and I have asked for the 2016...
  6. "I have asked for the 2016..."
    Haha - great as the domaine's 2016s are, of-course he lost 60% of his volume to frost in 2016 - there's wine in 2017 though.
    But yes, credit where it's due for raising his hand on this...
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  7. I'm impressed. It would be so easy for the domaine to feign ignorance and allow their customers to drink a product they know to be faulty, safe in the knowledge that proof is hard and many people will assume bad luck. After all, that has been standard operating procedure for numerous white Burgundy domaines...
  8. Commendable that the Producer has held their hand up as many have mentioned. Interesting that it is only 1 wine in the portfolio, would be interesting to understand what the issue is. I guess the question for those who have it and are unsure as what to, is, what would you do if you take it out of band and then find it faulty? Do you then go back to the Producer having been previously been approached?
  9. It’s impossible to determine whether its commendable or abysmal without knowing what the issue is.
  10. Just heard that TCA contamination found in the cuverie which affects 2016 too. Such a massive shame and huge kudos for Voillot in trying to address it.
  11. Oh dear, after all the issues with weather it's all a CdB vigneron needs.
  12. Absolutely. I will certainly follow Voillot in future vintages. I have been offered the 2010 and the 2013 as replacements.

    In the end decided to go off-piste by swapping it for Domaine Comte Armand Clos des Epeneaux 2012 en magnum and will pay a little extra.
  13. Does anyone know if this would be covered by insurance for the vigneron? Obviously dependent on specific policy wording so it's more of a general question.
  14. I would doubt it, Julian.

    I have hugely enjoyed old vintages of Voillot's wines - he offers magnums at fair prices through local restaurants - but have sometimes found some taint in younger wines, including the 2016s during the Grands Jours de Bourgogne. I have never actually tasted at the domaine, and it can be the case that low levels of TCA or geosmin can be hard to pick up in the cellar, but become apparent when tasted in a 'neutral' location - as was the case at the Grands Jours in March.
    I mentioned the taint to the new man, Etienne Chaix, hired to work alongside Jean-Pierre Charlot who must be nearing retirement, and perhaps the reaction of tasters to the wines on that day might have encouraged them to investigate further. FWIW, I did not pick it on the Volnay Vieilles Vignes but I did on all the 1ers crus.
  15. Deliberated and changed substituted case to something else.
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  16. Urrr, I took Champans and Rugiens 16s. Looks like they will be dragged in.
  17. Anyone had the Voillot 02s recently?
  18. No, but the Fremiets ‘05 is taint free and just into an early maturity phase.
  19. 2006 Fremiets has also shown decently when I've had it.
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