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  1. The majority of posts on this forum relating to restaurants tend to revolve around the elite - Michelin stars or those aspiring to that level. Today I had lunch at a very different kind of place, the great Bradford institution that is the Kashmir.

    The Kashmir is a legend in it's own lifetime, and during my college days I used to go 2-3 times a week, every week. It is basically a slightly grubby cafe in a basement, but serving really tasty food. Everyone in Bradford knows the place. It is so locally famous in fact that it actually made it into Bill Bryson's "notes from a small island", and here is his extract:

    "I forgot to mention curry houses earlier in my brief list of Bradford's glories, which was a terrible oversight. Bradford may have lost a wool trade but it has gained a thousand excellent Indian restaurants, which I personally find a reasonable swap as I have a strictly limited need for bales of fibre but can take about as much Indian food as you care to shovel at me.

    The oldest of the Bradford curry houses, I'm told, and certainly one of the best and cheapest, is the Kashmir, just up the road from the Alhambra. There is a proper restaurant upstairs, with white tablecloths, gleaming cutlery and poised, helpful waiters, but aficionados descend to the basement where you sit with strangers at long Formica-topped tables. This place is so hard core that they don't bother with cutlery. You just scoop the food in with hunks of nan bread and messy fingers. For £3 I had a small feast that was rich, delicious and so hot that it made my fillings sizzle."

    Alas I hadn't been in over 10 years, and I was very aware of the effects of time and rose tinted glasses, but upon visiting today it was EXACTLY as I remember it and exactly as Bryson described. The only changes are they do now have a credit card machine and the bowl of curry now costs £6 (inclusive of chappaties, a side plate of dried out salad and a bowl of very dubious looking mint sauce) instead of £3. It's absolutely ace, and a genuine revisiting of my youth.
  2. Is this the place where you can either eat upstairs or downstairs? The upstairs being marginally more expensive.
  3. It certainly is. I must have been about 200 times and I've never once sat upstairs.
  4. I once did on a date many years ago!!! High roller!!:)
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  5. You took a date to Kashmir? Bet you never saw her again!!
  6. It was post drinks!
  7. What was your chat up line: "hiya love, fancy a chicken dopiaza and a couple of chappati??"
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  8. ah a blast from the past Richard.

    I used i go often from around being 16 onwards on the way to see indie bands in a pub nearby, i forget the name.

    Then it was regular haunt when working in the Alhambra too.

    Great place!
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  9. Kashmir, Alhambra?

    What a melting pot of culture Bradford is! :)
  10. Tumblers? I used to go there all the time - or Rio if I wanted a mosh. But either way I'd always end up in Kashmir!
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  11. Tumblers!!
  12. Tumblers was ace. Did you ever go on the Monday 30p a pint night? The beer was probably 50% water!
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  13. I can't remember - more likely either a Friday or Saturday to see a band but quite possibly a Monday if beer was 30p!

    Great times and I hadn't thought of it in a long time.
  14. Back on track...I always had a sneaking preference for the Karachi myself, but on our last visit both the restaurant and the food had changed almost beyond recognition and not in a good way. I think Rick Stein's visit gave them ideas above their station.
  15. Which one was the inspiration for the place in Red Riding? :)
  16. What about The Peel Pub in Listerhills?

    The Karachi is foul, I never saw the appeal 2bh.
  17. I never liked Karachi much either.

    Nights out for me (early to mid 90s) were: bus in, pub crawl The Exchange, Scruffy Murphys and The Peel and then head to either Tumblers or Rio, then curry at Kashmir and taxi home.

    We were creatures of habit!!
  18. Or what about The Shearbridge or Westleigh?
  19. They were occasional drop ins, not regulars. Same as The Beehive.
  20. Ah well, you're late-comers, you see. I first went to the Karachi in the late 70s, when it was excellent.
  21. I was born in the late 70s, just round the corner from the Karachi (at St Luke's Hospital)!!

    Just think, you may have been snaffling bhajis round the corner as I was entering the world!!
  22. I wondered what that distant howling was as I tucked into my lambs’ brain curry...
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