Travel La Rochelle

I am going to La Rochelle this weekend for a mini-holiday, and I wondered whether forumites had any reccos for things to see and places to eat.
Looking mainly for grown-up stuff, but also for things suitable for a little girl. All suggestions very gratefully received.
We had a very good meal at 2* Coutanceau (now 3*) a few years ago, but noted the a la carte looked a lot better than the tasting menu.

Chez Andre is the classic busy fish restaurant, its an experience but never great.

There's a big aquarium in town, a ferris wheel and what my boys told me is the best ever Churro stand...

Worth the toll for a day in Ile de Re too, go to the market in St Martin or La Flotte.
The fish market is superb if only looking.
michelin starred restaurant reliable.
quatre seargeants I think may be still worth visiting, certainly an interesting building.
ile de Re not far away !
I don't know how old your daughter is but I bet she would love Ernest le Glacier, 16 rue du port, near the famous towers. A great ice cream shop with lots of wacky flavours. The adults might like it too. Also enjoyed in August les pates volantes, 31 rue st Jean de Perot which is near the ice cream shop. Great noodle dishes, my daughter said the best pad Thai ever, and very reasonable. Had to queue for ages which I guess tells you all you need to know. Sorry about the typing as just been to the L&W SA tasting and now on the train. Not easy these phones.
She is 10, and I think would absolutely love Ernest le Glacier. It is impossible in fact to take her within 100 yards of an ice cream shop without the most piteous pleas being made, no matter how recently her last ice cream, or how soon her next meal.
And thanks, David, for your suggestions - I very much hope that we do get the chance to visit the Michelin-starred place.