Let's talk rum, which are your favourites?

Henry, you were right, I thoroughly enjoyed the Smith & Cross. It was so uniquely characterful, and so full of funk, that I went back for more. It was around Black Friday and they had a 15% promotion. There were only 8 left so I bought a half dozen. I am already regretting not having bought them all.

Next up I might try the Rum Nation's Jamaican Pot Still Overproof Rum. Any idea whether this might have come from, or is it a blend?

Cheers ................................. Mahmoud.
I understand Rum Nation's Jamaican Pot Still rums are from Worthy Park which generally means a bit more balanced and less intense, but still with the Jamaican tropical fruit notes (and much more than say an Appleton). Would be interesting to do a side by side with the Smith & Cross.

If you enjoyed the funk and you can get hold of it I would also certainly recommend seeing if you can track down any of the Hamilton St Lucia Pot Still releases - should be easier for you in Canada than the UK and stands up well next to the Jamaican funk with a similar profile!
A bit of thread resurrection but TWE are currently balloting for the latest Foursquare release (2010). According to the website the ballot opened yesterday and closes today so get your skates on if you want to enter. 1 bottle per person limit.

On a related note, if anyone happens to be in Barbados then I highly recommend visiting the Foursquare distillery (it's close to the airport for those who know the island). You can wander freely around the facility on a self-guided tour and at the end there's a bar where you can taste all the historical ECS releases. It's about BBD15 per shot, plus there's an option of a more structured tasting with six of the mainstream Foursquare brands like Doorly's.
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Regarding Foursquare, I think it can be found from time to time in physical stores, I recall seeing it in BB&R in London recently. I think the secondary market is not quite as deep as once thought. Interestingly, Bordeaux Index were flogging casks of Foursquare not so long ago - was quite tempted (until reality bit)!
I picked up a bottle of the Foursquare Sovereignty at the Whisky exchange London bridge reasonably recently, I do think you have to be lucky though, I'm sure the physical stores get picked over as well.

On Foursquare in general I do think the releases are all fairly similiar to eachother in profile, so as long as I have one bottle open and on the go I'm not too fussed about picking up the latest, another will come along!

Really enjoying pretty much anything Habitation Velier at the moment, finishing up a fantastic bottle of the 2006 Forsyths (Worthy Park) and just ordered a bottle of the 2005.

Also tried the Hampden 2010 LROK which I thought was delicious but overpriced given it's been brought down to 47%. Apparently the Habitation velier bottling at full strength is brilliant but seems very difficult to track down.
Another nice rum find was the Boutique y Rum Company's Signature Blend #1 "Bright Grass" (42%). It is a clear rum, a blend of rums from Jamaica and Mozambique, therefore a blend of molassas rum and a rhum agricole made from cane juice. It has struck a nice balance between the delicacy and clarity of an agricole and the body and depth of a Jamaican. It comes with an attractive abel and is well priced.
Popped in to our local farmshop/butcher this morning and picked up some v nice looking shoulder of mutton which I understand is from the son's Barbados Black Belly Sheep. Mutton curry, rice and peas and a cocktail made (sacrilegiously?) w XO Mauritinian Rum from Chamarel is going down v well.
I did indeed! The boys were on good form, and the wine was lovely. I’m glad I only had a little sip of this rum though… quite a lot of booze was consumed beforehand.