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  1. Any thoughts on this weekend's (two day only) offer from Lidl, £4-49 down to £2-99. Not normally a fan of Californian whites, too much oak and sweetness for me, unless one pays a lot of money, but thought it might be worth a try at that price. Have to say, some of their other own label wines in the £4-£6 bracket have, in my opinion, been more than acceptable. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Wow! £2.99 for a bottle of Californian Chardonnay???? I have no idea what it will be like I'm afraid as I've never tasted this wine. I'd love to know what they have put into a bottle at that price. Certainly with their recent £4.99 Barolo and £7.99 Champagne they went on record to say they did not ask their suppliers to subsidise the offer, so I guess you are getting £4.49s worth of wine (which might not be saying much for a Cali Chardonnay of course). I'm presuming this is not in Scottish stores, otherwise my Lidl contact would have let me know.

    EDIT: just checked the Lidl site and Promotion applies from 3rd - 5th March in Scotland.
  3. you are getting a bottle, label, closure and the wine for 33p seeing as the duty is £2.16.

    2.99/ 1.2 - 2.16 = 33p.

    You never know, it might not be too bad...
  4. Then there's the transport costs all the way from California. And VAT.

    Being Californian, therefore assuming the alcohol level will be around 13.5%, we won't be seeing offers like this soon in Scotland when the 50p minimum alcohol pricing is introduced.
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  5. Every weekend Lidl have about 4-5 loss leaders from across the store and usually a bottle of wine is in the mix. This Saturday and Sunday, in with significant reductions on their excellent chocolate, crisps and smoked salmon, is Seaview Sparkling Chardonnay and Pinot Noir reduced from 6.99 to 4.99. Not had this wine in recent years but it used to be OK for the full price.
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    Thanks John - sounds like a decent party sparkler buying opportunity. I presume this is the same Seaview, made by Jacob's Creek, that used to be in Oddbins at one time. I don't know the wine as stocked by Lidl but the one Oddbins used to sell was good for £7 or 8.
  7. Goodness me. Seaview: what a blast from the past that is! I don't think I've seen any since, as Tom says, Oddbins stocked it, what? - 20 years ago?
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  8. Yes,
    I noticed it in store a month or so ago and it even sports the same livery.
    Not a patch though on the Blanc de Blanc version that had green collar and a wider bottle shape that was about £10.49 at the time usually down to about £7.50 on some multi deal.
    .....Ah those were the days
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    Might well be the BdB I recall as being a decent drop.
  10. Did anyone try the Seaview? The reason I ask is that they are selling it this weekend at 3.99. Their expert rates it as an 87 so it sounds like it's worth a punt.
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    I haven't tried it, but given their technical proficiency, a Chardonnay and Pinot fizz from Jacob's Creek has to be worth a try at that absolutely crazy price. I'm surely it will make perfectly acceptable drinking.
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  12. Absolutely, and if anything serve it well chilled.
  13. Just hired the truck!
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  14. Thought it was reasonable fizz when it was down to £5.....looks like I will have to stock up for my wife and daughter again this weekend
  15. No Lidl here in Melbourne. We have Aldi though and yesterday they were selling Magnums of 2015 Rosemount Estate Diamond Series Shiraz for $10, so just over a fiver. No, it’s not Grange, but it’s fine midweek drinking and i will go and buy a 6 tonight for a wedding in May...
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  16. Restricted to 6 per person, so a coach might be better.

    Also be aware that Lidl's definition of 'weekend' is stricly Saturday and Sunday only (except in Scotland where it also seems to include Monday)
  17. Just been & picked up six. Arrived home & was asked by son 'is that the champagne you were after?'. Should gain some Brownie points when handing out as gifts. :p
  18. This week Lidl have their Kirsch, if one looks carefully. It is now labelled 'Black Forest Cherry Schnapps' but is very much the real thing, if obviously not the finest example. A must for those who enjoy making continental puddings, it renders the filthy 'kirsch de cuisine' entirely redundant, and remarkably there has been no price increase over the last ten years.
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  19. It may be a throwback to a time when alcohol could not be sold off licence until 12:30 on a Sunday, so they used a Monday to 'catch up'.
  20. I've bought, in moments of weakness, some of Lidl's Cimarossa wines. They have all represented the worst of New World winemaking IMO.
  21. There is something even worse, called "Kirsch Fantaisie", which tastes like the contents of a jar of potassium cyanide macerated in methylated spirits. I once bought some in error. What a mistake.
  22. Opened a bottle last night to cheer ourselves up - without success. Just managed enough enthusiasm to make a TN: Straw coloured, bereft of much fizz; bland nose - Mother’s Pride bread, though pleasant; soft, easy, flattering acidity; all rather neutral. 82 points. Mrs C's opinion: it's drinkable.
    I think the remainder will be saved for turning up to BBQs, where the wine will be greeted with "oh, champagne/prosecco, good.....".
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    Mark, just for clarity as you quoted me: I have never tasted this wine and didn't recommend it: my comment about recalling the BdB being a decent drop was in response to Ray, referring to a similarly named £10.99 wine Oddbins used to sell a decade ago.
  24. Tom, I meant to reference a different comment. I will correct.
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    No problem Mark - just wanted to be clear that I have no knowledge of the wine in question.

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