Mainstream wines/grape varieties you never buy

Tom Cannavan

In another thread I said how much I'd enjoyed a bottle of Viognier that evening, but for some reason it's a variety that never crosses my mind to buy. Inspired by a comment in that thread, I wondered what other mainstream wines or grapes aren't on your radar when it comes to buying? Maybe that's because you don't like them, but maybe, as in my case with Viognier, you have nothing against them, but just have a blind spot and don't consider them when looking for a bottle.
I almost never buy mainstream varietal wines.

If I want to try a variety new to me a varietal wine makes sense so I can focus on a single grape.

But I can't think of the last time I bought, for example, something advertising itself as a cabernet sauvignon.
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My rule is most simply expressed as any variety with the word "cabernet" or "sauvignon" in it.

That's not to say I never buy or drink them, and the better ones I drink with pleasure, but they are definitely "off my radar" when it comes to buying.
Pinot noir (with the Blachian exception of burgundy, of course).

Not sure if viognier is mainstream but find I very rarely buy it - the lack of acidity makes it hard to get on with for me.

You also remind me I should buy more Malbec.
In my case it’s rose wine. I know there are some good ones but I so rarely want to drink one that I just about ignore the whole category (pink champagne and the occasional ESW excepted). I currently have a couple of Tempier, a couple of Tondonia, a Clos Cibonne Tibouren and a single Tavel and that’s it.
I do buy a bit of Loire and S African Sauvignon, and Merlot in RB Bordeaux (though not really as a varietal wine), but don't think I've a single bottle of Malbec.

No Albarinho either, as Mrs A has taken against it and there are plenty of alternatives.