MR: Too Old For Rock 'n' Roll?

I must admit that pension tours after a 30 year gap to take advantage of us Boomers with a wallet are usually the least satisfying. The worst ever gigs we went to were (in no particular order) James Taylor, Crosby, Stills and Nash and Art Garfunkel - precisely because they are not touring regularly. Conversely, some of the best gigs I have been to have been led by busy septuagenarians (or very nearly). Wilco Johnson, Wishbone Ash (just one original member in Andy Powell, and the Blues Band led by the awesome Paul Jones. Very much looking forward to a final Bonzo Dog Doodah Band gig in May, presuming enough stay alive. The individual members are busy on the road though.
Agree with Peter that those who have not had a break tend to be better live, honourable exception aside. I do seem to spend more time at gigs of bands/singers that I loved from the late 70's to the 90's these days. Although I have no excuse for my Hollywood Vampires ticket!
I'm in the same boat. Probably the only 'modern' band I've seen a few times recently is We Were Promised Jet Packs. Sadly with a few recent deaths (Mark E Smith, Pete Shelley) that's probably 2 more bands off the gigging list (however I believe Steve Diggle is contemplating continuing The Buzzcocks - if only he could tempt Howard out of retirement). I doubt very much that The Fall will continue, although there's the ocassional Brix and the Extricated gig and I take slight comfort from being at the last ever live Fall gig (QMU, Glasgow).
Gigs lined up for this year so far are SLF, The Damned, The Vapors and The Stranglers.
I tried several ticket sellers, and they were all sold out, before getting them from TicketMaster (with all their add-ons :mad:). The Garage on Sauchiehall Street is not a huge venue though.
The Stranglers added a second Glasgow gig as the first one sold out within a day. I'm thinking of going to the Aberdeen gig the night before Glasgow, so I can achieve a total of 65 Stranglers gigs in Scotland (the first one was the Apollo in 1977).