Musar 2010 at TWS

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Peter Webb, May 16, 2018.

  1. Selling at £24 a bottle and expect to just have one offer as volumes very low. They also suggest will not be on the High Street. 2011 will be following soon after.
  2. Is this a great buy? I ask because years ago I bought some 1999 and then after storing it for about seven years (and paying for that) the same vintage appeared in quantity at the same price.

    Interested in views...
  3. Do you mean for investment?
  4. They have 571 cases and falling....
  5. Saw it and tempted but resisting. How much wine can I actually drink? Is the '10 THAT good?
  6. Not for investment... But obviously if you can buy it in five years for the same price (or same price plus inflation) there's no point buying now.

    And yes, I'm sure the availability of it is falling (I've seen your Facebook post!), but as Porein Lenoil says, is it particularly good in this vintage?
  7. Musar have a habit of finding the odd thousand cases down the back of the sofa some years later. I really don't understand how they work at all in terms of releasing vintages? I noticed in Waitrose the other day they have the 2003 vintage where most outlets have 2009. I suspect it may even be the case that Waitrose purchased loads at the time or a large volume has become available through an alternative source?
    I do have some of the 2010 but not tried it yet.I also have a couple of half bottles which I am led to believe mature more quickly than full bottles?
  8. Yes, had loads of halves of Musar from Waitrose in recent years (more than full bottles), and I do believe they mature more quickly. Having said that, the 2003s are still very much alive in half, and the 2005s late and much lamented :(

    I'll have a bottle of the 2010 out of curiosity, of course.
  9. I think it's very good indeed. Of recent vintages, I only like 1999 and 2005 more. But it's early days. Just as I don't like to write off a vintage that shows poorly on release, I don't want to praise it to the heavens. Maybe will open another bottle from my stash this evening. Of course, as Lionel says, there is only so much wine one can drink.
  10. My tasting is now complete and I'm still very fond of this vintage. Maybe will go for another 4 6-packs from TWS.
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  11. That shed you built a few years back must be difficult to move around in!
  12. Yup....
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  13. There was a time last year, or maybe the previous year, when I used it as an audio listening room! The insulation worked for sound as well as for heat. Not enough space in there now....
  14. I dont have many (30+) bottles of Musar but looking to move it from my cellar(cupboard which stores 60 bottles) elsewhere. Tricky finding somewhere thats not too warm or cold.Suggestions ?
  15. I wouldn't worry at all about too cold unless there's a possibility of freezing, Willie.
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  16. Just back from LWF (I see they've dropped the I) and 2010 tasting just the same as at home - a tad grumpy/toasted because it was just opened today. Still more character than the (relatively dull) 2011 but worryingly similar to 2003! 2001 showing very well today as was 1986. 1991 white (a vintage I don't think I've tried before) was not great, with a very drying finish. Jeune rosé was delightful as always IMHO.
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