Musar rose drinking window?

Would now be a good point in its development to drink Musar Rose 2017?

I don't recall ever having the rose, although have often drunk the red and white which age well.

Is it a waste to drink the rose now and far better left, or is now the right time?
Yes - I didn’t manage to take a note but a year or so ago I think? Seemed very much not ready - i do, though, recall someone posting a note here and saying they found it charming.
In my limited experience it doesn't actually change much-it's a bit different young than middle aged but I wouldn't say better. I wonder if I have any left, I could quite fancy a bottle.
I think the first vintage was the 94 or 95. I last drank the 95 when it was about 20 years old and it was lovely. I've also had some young ones I liked them on release too. But I am a bit of a Musar fanboi so don't take me too seriously.