NWR Non-wine TWS purchases

I just purchased three non-wine items from TWS, and think they might well be of interest to others - they're very good. They are:

- Weissbier Alkoholfrei Klosterbrauerei Andechs Germany 50cl. This non-alcoholic beer (well, 0.5%) is absolutely outstanding... Enjoyed tonight with schupfnudeln, sauerkraut and some sauteed mushrooms (I didn't want meat today), plus mustard on the side - this beer was superb. Best non-alcoholic beer I've had. Very highly recommended!

- The Society's olive oil. This is from the south of France, and you'd therefore probably expect it to be more expensive than £12.95 per litre. It's very good - very French, and good for that. I think it's far ahead of stuff in the supermarket at similar price points and some way above.

- The Society's Sommelier Glass Cloth. I'd long wrestled with drying glasses here in South London where the water is so hard. Use air drying and you get terrible watermarks. Use a tea towel and you get bits of fluff and somehow the glasses always smell of tea towel. Some smaller microfibre cloths were too small, or didn't really absorb the water. But these inexpensive cloths at £2.95 each are the answer. They're really big (you can hold the glass with one and dry with the other end of it, though I've just bought an extra one - so one for each hand. They take up the water, polish the glasses, seem to actually remove some watermarks over time, dry quickly, and don't smell (I wash mine occasionally just in very hot water and perhaps just a drop of washing up liquid before lots of rinsing).

I realise this post may sound a little like an advert... but these three items are ones I'd never really spotted or used until a few months ago (with the exception of the olive oil), and they really are good... So thought it might be helpful to flag.
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I’m a big fan of the olive oil as well. Will have to check out the beer, yet to have properly enjoyed an alcohol free beer.

TWS also sell some (alcohol-including) ciders which I have been tempted to try. The special release whiskies are apparently very good too.
For many years TWS's olive oil was staple in our house, used for all purposes except when (very rarely) a properly posh oil was needed. But it then vanished from the list for a while and we got out of the habit of buying it. If it's only £12.95 per litre now, it hasn't gone up by all that much and I'll get a bottle to see whether we should revert to using it.
Someone has asked me where the cloths are on the website. Perhaps I've triggered a run as I can't now see them either.

Anyway the code is:

Sommelier Glass Cloth