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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Raymond Tilney, Aug 9, 2018.

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    It does contrevene the rule: "Do not link to any web site that has any commercial aspect related to wine: that includes any web site that carries any form of advertising, requires a subscription, or sells anything."

    This is always really difficult, when a regular and valued forumite posts a link that is of interest, but it is to a commercial site, and therefore breaks a fundamental rule. I understand how different that is from a spammer, but unless the rule is enforced absolutely, it is very difficult for me, and for the whole forum community, to police or understand the rules when they apply to some and not to others, or if some commercial links are deemed OK while others are not.

    There is no need to change this or apologise, but the way forward (for everyone) is to point people to the article, but not to link to it:

    "I found an interesting article by Bollinger 'Importance of disgorgement often underestimated in Champagne' in the Drinks Business. Search for 'Bollinger' on the Drinks Business web site."
  3. What a difference a decade makes: From Tom Stevenson being banned from visiting Bollinger for pointing out the futility of their no-SO2 liqueur regime to this!
  4. I find it baffling that the various issues we 'mere mortals' have known are of great significance for ages seem to be completely revolutionary to those people who should know the most about it. Maybe we drink more than they do?
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  5. Understood,
    It sort of felt not quite right, but I thought the article/topic should not be missed though I didn’t have the nouse to word it as you have done.
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  6. This is interesting Ray - thanks for posting.
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