Travel Orta San Giulio tips?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Jeremy Caan, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Calling Italophiles, I'd be very grateful for any suggestions of restaurants in Orta San Giulio.

    Ideally somewhere homely but good and with a modestly priced list of well-stored Gattinara!

    Okay, you're right, that's a bit unlikely, especially as we won't have a car.

    Well, anywhere that you'd want to eat at again?

    Or any other tips about the town?
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  3. Thank you, Russ, that sounds super!
  4. It’s a fantastically beautiful lake - maybe the most picturesque of all of those in that region. Enjoy!
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  5. As to tips on the town.

    The island is a must do, and water taxi's are ever present. However, it's small and a hour is enough. There's a walk around the coast of Orta which is worthwhile. On the top of the hill is a pilgrimage site of chapels dedicated to Francois of Assisi. It's an odd mix of religion and derelict theme park(without the rides) but it's charming and the views are stunning.

    The Hotel San Rocco has a water front terrace for a nice sun downer.
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  6. What a coincidence as I will stay 1 week at the lake starting Saturday . The restaurant recommendation looks promising, I will try it.

    Here is another Restaurant, not so posh like the one above. But maybe worth a try.

    Ristorante Matrimoni Lago d’Orta - L’Ustaria Ca’ dal Rat

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  7. Thank you, Martin.

    If you make further discoveries on your trip I'd love to hear about them!
  8. Of course.
  9. I just returned from Orta San Giulio. Sorry, I cannot recommend any restaurant, as I cooked the whole week. BUT I strongly recommend Orta San Giulio.
    Such a beautiful place. The water feels like silk and is crystal clear. Here some impressions:


  10. Many thanks, Martin.

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