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  1. So is the Merchant still trading?

    I emailed "Ben" @ Loebs yesterday and he emailed me straight back saying he would chase up my EP Order.

    How many of us have outstanding wines?
  2. Yes to the latter.
  3. Jonathan, PM sent.
  4. There are now three different threads on this... is it possible for someone to consolidate?
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  5. Jack was very helpful in transferring my wines out to storage with another merchant.
  6. In the trade press today......

    London-based merchant O.W. Loeb appears to have stopped trading, with almost all of its directors stepping down during 2017, with the resignation of Jonathan Harris on 21 December leaving accountant Mohammed Oueida as the sole remaining director listed by Companies House.

    Companies House records currently list the company as “active”, but “non-trading”, with the business having failed to file accounts due by 31 December 2017, after a year during which O.W Loeb quietly disappeared from active participation in the UK trade.

    The company, which had an extensive portfolio of classic French wines, specialising in Burgundy and the Rhone, also being highly regarded for its strong portfolio of German producers, was first established in 1874 by Sigmond Loeb in the Mosel, before son Otto moved the business to London in the 1930s.

    In 2014 restaurant-owning millionaire Marlon Abela bought a controlling share in O.W. Loeb, with managing director Chris Davey continuing as chairman. Davey resigned his directorship in May 2017.
  7. <Hearsay alert> More than one little bird (rightly or wrongly) told me that after buying the controlling share, Mr Restaurant from day 1 attempted to keep all the 'crown jewel' wines for himself/his restaurants - customers and suppliers (and support staff) all very quickly jumping ship. The destruction of a fine old name, but maybe one year's worth of allocations left to show for the investment(?)</Hearsay alert>
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  8. Interesting business strategy.
    At least they didn’t diversify into NHS computing & rip the heart out of the business - culminating in the demise of a brewery (& wine merchant division). The hurt & loss is diminishing. Slowly.
  9. I have the best part of £3k worth of Burgundy 2015s on order, only a fraction of which have been delivered. This is a huge amount of money for me and I was awake for much of last night worrying about it... is there anybody out there in the same boat and if so, can you shed any light on it?

    I missed a call from Jack but have not managed to connect with him yet, and having got a very prompt email from Ben F as mentioned on the other thread, I haven't had a reply to my request for information from him, so i'm completely in the dark.

    I actually went to the office on Thursday and bumped into Arnaud (he said his name was), Operations Manager for Marc Ltd, coming out. He reckoned everything was fine they were just moving offices! Meanwhile it looks like the place has been burgled behind him.

    Highly depressing.

  10. Joel - I feel for you. I am exposed up to £330 only for some Rhones and even that is worrying, until they are transferred.

    Personally I think it is a huge shame for the wine trade that such a long established name has stopped trading. Such a shame that it could not be kept in tact and sold to a new owner. I am sure there was a lot of goodwill value in the name itself and not to mention the client base and contacts. Sadly all ruined now. Perhaps a new buyer can come in and turn it around - a phoenix from the flames - it would be a great story - but a lot of damage has now been done so I doubt it.
  11. Apparently my wine is getting delivered tomorrow!!
  12. Same position as you, Joel. Fingers crossed. I hope that they’ve slimmed down to a skeleton team with a view to continuing in some form. As such, no surprise that they’ve not been advertising the issue (though of course that goes for the other outcome too). Suspect that’s the best outcome for folk in our position — I hope the big boss values his 2015 allocations sufficiently to pay the bills and make sure they are shipped.
  13. Google "Harper's wine Loeb" not good reading!
  14. Someone within the MARC Group needs to sort out their PR, and reputation management.
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  15. The ‘controlling owner’ wasn’t ever a director. Was he?
  16. Appointed 28 November 2014, resigned 10 January 2017.
  17. Ah ok. Missed that. Thanks
  18. Reading that makes me feel a bit sick
  19. I've just had a VAT Invoice through for my wines so perhaps a positive note!
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  20. :confused: o_O ;)
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  21. Sorry if I am piggy backing this post but another wine merchant has just emailed me about closure - Halifax wine co. Shame.

    I wish Andy and family all the best.

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