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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Andy Sparrow, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. My wife and I are off to Paris for four nights in early June, staying two nights in 16th and two nights in 5th arrondissements. I'd be grateful to tap into the forum collective wisdom regarding restaurant recommendations as it's been a long time since I last visited.
  2. At the top level, I really like the classic dishes at L'Ambroisie. The menu illustrated on the Luxeat website is pretty classic: the langoustines, sea bass and caviar and chocolate tart. Ideally, drink Coche Perrieres 2012 then an old rum with the tart. There is only a la carte and it is expensive, but you can ask for half portions which may help balance the meal given the generous extras brought to the table.

    L'Arpege is absolutely super too with a heavy emphasis on vegetables although everything is superb. It too can get very expensive, but the seasonal vegetable dominated lunch can be a relative bargain. Last Summer, turnip carpaccio was probably may favourite single dish of last year as difficult as that may seem, and a salad was as memorable.

    Also fascinating is Astrance and this has the advantage of a bargain priced set lunch that may be the single best *** restaurant deal in Paris. More modern in approach. Go for wines by the glass and ask for the sommelier to serve things blind if you want a challenge.

    For general references paris by mouth is useful.
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  3. Brilliant! Thank you so much Paul :)
  4. La Cagouille if you like fish & a great wine list (but they do good steaks too)
  5. Andy - I refer you to John Talbot. Check,his website out. An american who only lunches, but incredibly frequently i.e Daily.
    Great website to go bynarrondissiment too.

    Otherwise depends what you are list, food, value, dining room. Classic, bistro etc.
  6. Thank you David, a great site by the looks of it and saved to favourites :)
  7. If Burgundy is your thing, Les Climats - ( is pretty special.
  8. Be wary of the sommeliers there, though. They try to guide you to the wines that they want to sell you (in many cases, clunkers that they can't otherwise unload), claiming that they just sold the last bottle that you ordered if it is one they want to save for special customers or deem above your merit, or that you ordered the last bottle and it was corked, etc. I can tell you some quite ugly stories about experiences that I and friends have had there -- and the stories are too many not to justify the interpretation I just gave.

    But the wine list, on paper, is excellent and they have adjusted the prices to make them much better than before, the food is very good, and the setting is quite nice. And if the weather cooperates, you can ask to sit outside on the terrace.
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  9. That's sad to hear! I was only ordering a comparatively modest Etienne Sauzet Puligny Montrachet, so perhaps I wasn't deemed worth arguing with :p
  10. It seems to be not so much the prestige of what you're ordering as it is whether you have found a wine that is a major quality-price bargain compared to others on the list.
  11. On a recent trip I dined at Clown Bar a few times.
    Informal but really good food. Wines were also interesting and different. Like many places in Paris they seem to favour
    natural wines over bigger names.
  12. If you really want to go somewhere with a lot of interesting wine choices at pretty keen prices - amazing prices for a ** in the Place Vendome - check out the (full) Carre des Feuillants list online. Food was very good and consistent. I haven't been very recently and would I imagine it is fine still, but maybe someone can update us on the food there.
  13. Thanks All.
    A contact in Paris has apparently booked Astrance for me (not sure quite how as I wasn't able to!). A lot of the restaurants we're looking at only release tables a few weeks before dining which is a pain but apparently the way it works in Paris.
    Others on the radar are Alan Geamm, Albion, Kitchen Terre, Automn, Ellsworth, Le Villeret and L'Oiseau Rive Gauche - but we shall see.
  14. Quinsou - just won a star last week. Small bistro serving modern French under Antonin Bonnet, formerly 2* at Greeenhouse etc.
    Les Deserteurs - Chef and sommelier used to work with Bonnet. Seasonal modern bistro and decent priced list.
    Clown Bar - Beautiful space, good food.
    Clamato - If you fancy a seafood meal, great place for a walk in. Owned by Septime people.
    Septime - Tough reser, but still worth it.
    Virtus - Go in the evening. Young Japanese chef cooked at a number of starred places including Manresa in California.
    L'Inconnu - A Japanese chef doing Italian in Paris! Modern Italian cooking, very good, and open Sunday lunch.
    Pages - Do a beef tasting plate that's very good amongst other modern French seasonal dishes.
    David Toutain - Very talented chef cooking modern French.
    Passage 53 - 2*, ultra precise cooking.
    Carre Des Feuillants - Agree with Paul above, some absolute bargains on the list, particularly red burg. Not sure I'd pay for the full food experience again but would certainly do the lunch menu to get my hands on the list again.
    Guy Savoy - Go on the website and look for the special offer of a la carte menu for lunch for set price of €130. They claim it's only 1 table per day but who knows. Great deal for a 3*, only caveat is being seated by 12.
    Restaurant AT - Very modern cooking, probably the most modern in Paris, so an interesting contrast on a longer visit.
    Restaurant H - Modern, quite inventive for a French chef (usually Japanese in Paris these days!), in a lovely setting.
    Arpege - Yes lunch menu well worth €145. Anywhere between 10-15 courses of inventive vegetable preparations with the odd protein course chucked in.
    Le Servan - Bistro run by 2 young ladies, good value and a little different as they incorporate spicing in to a number of dishes.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head over last 18 months, so hopefully not too out of date.
  15. I really like Clown Bar, and it is even worth going just for a coffee to see the decor. Oberkampf has plenty going on as “central” for a lot of new restaurants and bars (and old ones, Le Villaret being around there). Also close to the Bataclan.
  16. The chef at Clown Bar left two months ago to start his own restaurant (also in the XIe arrondissement); the replacement chef is from similar formation (Saturne), but I've not been since the change and have no reports that I consider reliable. Also, note that the wine list at Clown Bar is what I call militantly natural: i.e., being natural is all that counts, not whether the wine is free of defects.
  17. It appears that Les Deserteurs has closed... :(

    Anything reliable and with a good list near Gare Saint Lazare?
  18. The online list appears to be from 2011, Paul, unless I have made a mistake.
  19. Afaik it is up to date ... a quick check on the Loire section indicates some 2016's being listed.
  20. I had an interesting meal in the 11th at Vantre. Run by ex sommelier from Hotel Bristol. Fantastic wine list with lots of bottles not on it. Speaks reasonable English.

    Don’t set expectations too high on the food front. Think Bistro.
    Very reasonable. We had a bottle of Ramonet Chassagne Montrachet 2014 for £80
  21. The burgundy list header indicates 2011, but there are few later vintages listed so you must be right. Very alluring in that case, particularly red cote de beaune.
  22. Just in Paris at the moment. I second Paul's suggestion of L'Arpege. Superb dinner. Very good wine list (though of course pricey but some good value in Burgundy if you are careful). I would guard against Climats. They seem to steer you away from the wine you want, which they reserve for other more frequent guests, to something you don't really want. It ruined our meal tonight and made me quite angry. I would also thoroughly recommend Alliance in the 5th. Superb food, extraordinarily subtle use of Japanese flavours into classic French cuisine. It has been the culinary highlight so far, and they had a few 2007 burgundies on the list for around retail.
  23. This restaurant is on my radar, so thanks. What wine did they steer you away from out of interest ?
  24. Doing god's work I see Gareth. What did you drink at Climats in the end?
  25. I second Gareth's observations on Les Climats -- I had the same experience back in January and some other friends also were steered away from no fewer than six different wines I had identified for them as being good wines and values to something they didn't want and said was not very good. It's too bad, because the setting is nice and the food is good.

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