Pedrosa Special Reserve 2005 TWS

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Ray Queley, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Did anyone here manage to get any of this small parcel from TWS
    If you have more than you need would you be willing to part with one?

    It's a winery I used to visit and buy from many years ago and I'd like to check it out.
    I was away from e-mail for a few hours yesterday and by the time I pulled the trigger I was too late.

  2. Yet another TWS email that wasn't universally distributed...
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  3. Big thread on TWS community inc. post by myself. Missed out too so same as above - couple of bottles wouldn’t go a miss.
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  4. Did they limit the amount each member was allowed to buy ?!
  5. There was no mention of a limit on the e-mail
  6. Seemingly not. Seems a bit odd that TWS can't manage to sort that out.
  7. Wonder if they will claw back from people who bought a lot as they did with the Chave ?
  8. They did that? My ‘bucket list’ wine is the one above although affording it is another thing. I have only ever seen it since on wine owners for three times the price.
  9. Yes - they did. Anyone who ordered more than six of the Chave had the orders scaled back. An interesting precedent.
  10. Must have been so over ordered because I never saw it come up as back in stock
  11. You'll see also my contribution to TWS forum. Their email system for offering these rarer wines is badly in need of review.

    It's clear to me that with the Chave offer some turned the wine. Not sure the Pedrosa will be the same as it's not an international name, but good value at the offer price.

    I managed this time to get a little but still annoyed that a mutual society should so obviously favour some members over others. There can never be a perfect system but the present one is not fit for purpose.
  12. I had 6 in my cart but got distracted and when I checked today they were gone.
  13. Yes I had some in my basket, then it went out of stock, and then back in stock, so I jumped in. In the morning it was still out of stock whilst I walked the dog, then back again when I got home. They say they gone more allocation. Mine isn't due to September.
  14. Interesting Russ
    I asked if there was more stock and was told no.

    I think they have a difficult job trying to find a perfect system. They are to be congratulated for sourcing but perhaps an initial offering of 3 bottles for scarce wines.
  15. I fail to see what problem there would be with limiting all such deals to 2 or 3 bottles per person. Is anyone really that greedy that they want more than that, with the full knowledge that others aren't getting any?
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  16. Ray I spoke to someone using web chat and they did manage to secure some more but that only filled some of the back fill orders and was gone in no time.
  17. I agree Mark. My opinion, which is only based on what I have experienced on here would be to agree. That said we don’t know whether all TWS members think the same as Wine Forum members.
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  18. I think there is agreement on their forum for a change in policy and the limit in bottles seems universally accepted as a good idea.

    If they did not sell out then obviously you could come back for more.

    I think on the Pedrosa offer they were able to go back and get more from the winery hence the in and out of stock. It must be annoying if you logged in at the wrong time and couldn’t return later. I was lucky In that respect.
  19. Two hours after it sold out I asked if there was any chance of more stock and if I could express my desire to be waitlisted for a few bottles. I was assured by the lady I spoke to that there was no chance of that.

    So slightly annoying to hear more stock was offered.
  20. Ray
    Obviously I know little facts, but I tried to buy it and it went out of stock before I committed then later it was available so I jumped. Then the next morning it was out of stock and then in stock between 8 and 8.30, whilst walking the dog. And the finally all gone. So if I take the post on the forum by staff on face value then they got more stock in when demand rose, but they must have done this more than once.

    Mine isn't deliveried until late September.
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  21. A post appeared on TWS forum 15 hours ago saying this came back in again briefly. Very strange as when I contacted them I was told it was absolutely gone for good.

    Slightly frustrated by their process in dealing with stuff like this. I had accepted that it was one that got away but got an unwanted reminder of it to rekindle my disappointment. Who is lucky enough to go on to what is effectively a ‘dead’ page only to find they can actually buy some for a brief moment. Be annoyed if it was the same people as last time restocking. Even more so if they got an email to tell them as they were previous buyers :mad:
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  22. Mark,

    I am corresponding with staff on their policy and they are reviewing it. Hopefully quickly.

    For me I wasn't even on a mail list for fine wine offer, even though I get the FW list and buy at that end mostly.

    I'll keep you posted. I'm not talking about this on their forum at the moment as it just seems to go round and round.

  23. WHAT !!!
  24. Someone on WS forum said that it was probably a cancelled or returned order?
  25. This is a wine I would definitely would have gone for if I'd received an email. The first 2 member reviews on TWS website are a bit underwhelming though.

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