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  1. What is the true scientific name of Botrytis cinerea?

    Alex R.
  2. Is this Noble Rot? I was watching a documentary about Sauternes and Barsac and heard it there? Could be wrong. I think they were interviewing the Climens Winemaker
  3. Why is it a Bordeaux question? All the best wines with Botrytis come from Germany.

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  4. And, Champagne if you enjoy wines from the 1995 vintage! :p
  5. Back to the plot... isn't that the scientific name?
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  6. It’s Teleomorph(fruiting body) is called Botryotinia Fuckeliana, named after a famous mycologist rather than its effect on some Macon, Condrieu etc.
  7. I have some 2010 D’Arenberg Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana in my cellar, offered by TWS a few years ago.
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  8. A709AB3E-CAF6-421C-9E86-01139725CC63.jpeg From Tom Stevenson’s ‘The Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia 4th Edition’.
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  9. Can't help yourself can you Jim?

    Once a scientist, always a scientist!
  10. Botryotinia fuckelina

    Yes, the full scientific name amost made me almost fall off my chair when I saw it: Botryotinia fuckelina

    Botryotinia fuckeliana - Wikipedia

    Alex R.
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  11. Wiki over Linnaeus? Dangerous, so much so I almost Trumped (a particularly regional slang for which I apologise but some will get it, especially if they had beans for breakfast).

    It does rather sound as if someone has “fucked” with the wiki. I’m sticking with cinerea.
  12. Thats not the scientific name though is it, isn't it just the reproductive phase. Or have I missed something?
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  13. If you fuckelina you may well get a dose of cinerea.
  14. Even more so than 2005 vintage?
    Some 2005 smells like sparkling sauternes cocktail.
  15. Alex, I think your question should be:
    'What is the true scientific name of a fruit f**ked up by Botrytis cinerea?'
  16. I bought a bottle of this recently from a wine shop in Cornwall. The poor lady serving me apologised for the full name and for not wanting to say it out loud! Quite sweet in a way.;)
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  17. Not dissimilar actually... One suspects more aggressive use of SO2 / Bentonite back in the 1990s though.
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