Recommended decant time for Musar 2003

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Neil Holland, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Haven't pulled the trigger on a Moose for some time.

    Recall the '99 was better after 12 hours in a decanter but hoping a half of '03 will get by with somewhat less...!
  2. I have some 03 in halves, which pretty much drink straight off the bat - the only reason to decant is to remove the sediment. So I would say an hour or so should be fine for a bottle.
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  3. Ahh just re read and seen yours is a half too. Just give it half an hour or so, though longer won't hurt
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  4. Thanks, Richard.
  5. This should still be such a young Musar that extended decanting periods over numerous hours (or even days) shouldn't hurt it at all. I'd decant in the morning - but I do like extreme exposures to air with my Musar for some reason.
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  6. Has there ever been a case of Musar of any colour being damaged by excessive exposure to air? I have never heard of such a thing.
  7. There has. A 1956 red in about 2010 was a bit tired after 8 hours. During the tasting, 2h after decanting, it was brilliant.
  8. A week perhaps?
  9. Be interested to hear how it was...
  10. Had lots of these in halves, and I reckon it's at its best one or maybe two days later. Which is of course less than the usual four or five ;)
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  11. Levantine is the most ridiculous example of how a day of exposure can transform a wine. I'm still somewhat disappointed that nobody else has posted notes here (that I'm aware of)....

    Had a very lovely 1999 last night (chez Brogden) that only had about 5 mins decant!
  12. I picked up a bottle, but not yet opened. I'm guessing it ought to have time, given its stable.
  13. When you open it, please try to save a decent amount to drink at least 24 hours later.
  14. Most likely anyway, as we almost never finish a bottle in the same evening. Wimps for sure.
  15. Make a half last 2 days? Shurely shome mishtake...

    In the end I decanted at 09:30 and drank at 13:30

    Lovely unmistakeable Moose nose with red fruits and a little spice, some smoke and a lick of leather with a touch of brett (in a good way) only the tiniest touch of heat (much less VA than other Musar over the years) the plate was plush and rich with plummy fruit, fine tanins and impressive length... Next time will go for a bottle and leave the second half in the original bottle in the fridge for 24 hours.
  16. Neil - apologies - that comment was aimed at Ian with his Levantine!
  17. No worries. I thought you were just misjudging my powers of self control... ;)

    Haven't tried any vintages of Levantine myself. Although this Moose experience makes me want to try more.

  18. Doesn’t this need negative decanting? :)
  19. Oh dear .... a faulty bottle perhaps ?
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  20. [Dick Emery]...Oooh you are awful...[/Dick Emery]
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  21. I usually have something else on the go too when I drink these great little Musar halves.

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