TN Rioja Tasting: BBR HK 20180808

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  1. My first proper post.
    I attended a great tasting of mature Rioja at BBR in HK tonight.
    A little bit difficult to get pictures, so sorry for the bad quality and I probably took the bottles that everyone has seen before instead of the more interesting ones.

    2008 Vina Ardanza Reserva, La Rioja Alta:
    N/R 1st bottle was corked and the other was finished by the time I came back

    1994 Marques de Riscal Reserva:
    Young and concentrated, plush tannins, a bit of mustiness, good fresh acidity, complex and chewy at this stage. Slightly questionable balance, but enjoyable in a robust fashion tonight.

    1991 El Coto de Rioja Imaz Reserva:
    Brown Sugar, Furniture Polish, deep flavour with slightly drying robust tannin. In a decent place now, and I can't really see it improving.

    1990 Cvne Imperial, Gran Resera:
    Fresh nose, silky tannin, plush and weighty mid palate with some plum and redcurrant notions. Structure, balance and energy. This one is still improving and I'd love to see it in 10 years.

    1986 Ygay Reserva, Marques de Murrieta:
    A bit shy on the nose, baroloesque on the palate, blocky tannin and vibrant acid. Still significant red fruit with a bit of undergrowth and spice adding to the palate. This one needs food I think and it could turn out much better in a few years.

    1982 Vina Tondonia Tinto Reserva, Bodegas R. Lopez de Heredia:
    Elegant, warm nose with leather polish, cured meat and spice notions, palate is smooth and resolved, acidity provides a rush of energy at the end. This is in a perfect place tonight and although the Cune showed more complexity this was completely ready and at ease with itself making for a wonderful tasting experience. I lingered quite some time this beauty.

    1981 La Rioja Alta, Arana Reserva:
    Nose of strawberry, leather and a hint of lactic, plush on the palate, with a bit of game and horse fur, a balsamic hint at the end. I found this wine didn't have the focus or energy of the top wines tonight. But it was probably the most popular wine of the tasting and the BBR staff loved it.

    1955 Palacio Glorioso Reserva Especial, Bodegas Palacio:
    Perfumed and complex nose of mushrooms and herbs, real wonderful old wine nose for those who like that sort of thing. Great acidity and energy, this wine is really alive. Silky on the palate there is the faintest tannic drag remaining and this wine has a finish that goes on forever. Qualitatively it's a notch below the Cune and Tondonia for my tastes, but a great experience with really haunting length.

    P.S. These wines were opened 2 to 3 hours before the tasting, but a couple were double decanted due to faulty corks. I noticed that all 3 corks of the Riscal were broken.
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  2. Thanks Brian - interesting and useful notes - post more!
  3. Thanks Brian, and welcome. Very nice notes.

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