TN Romagnoli Sasso Nero del Nure Surlì

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  1. Romagnoli Sasso Nero del Nure Surlì - 12% abv; c.15€

    I recently had to move out of my apartment for 2,5 months because of a massive pipe renovation that includes a complete renovation of the kitchen and WC+shower areas. Not fun. I have a massive library of books, music and pets in terrariums that needed to be moved or covered in multiple layers so the dust - inevitable in such a renovation - won't get to them. But the stress of doing all that finally came to an end and now the job is in someone else's hands. To celebrate a brief period in exile I bought a bottle of fizz.

    Problem: my exile "home" doesn't have a proper fridge. It took three hours to cool it to a drinkable temperature.

    But when it was finally cool enough, it was lovely. I'm sure this is partly just psychological relief at knowing I did what I could to protect my books and music and that my pets are in good hands. But even trying (though the human brain can't really do this) to be objective, this is a seriously good bottle of fizz if you like funky, "natural" stuff.

    Slightly hazy. Quite wild aromas, earthy and even a wet wool hint as in some fancy Loire Chenin. It tastes like biting into a Granny Smith apple if you can imagine that with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top. Crisp, high acidity but vivacious fruit, too.

    I'll definitely be trying this again. It will be interesting to see how different my take will be when I'm not celebrating the end of such a stressful period. :D

  2. Helluva name too.

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