NWR Silly little things that delight you

When our children were small they kept guinea pigs, which in suitable weather used to live in a hutch on the lawn. Anyone who's familiar with guinea pigs will know that they have a distinctive squeak. Some of the blackbirds in the area picked up on this and started to sing like guinea-pig-squeaks. I swear that they didn't do so before. Once they'd learned it they continued with it even in the years after the guinea pigs had disappeared from the lawn. By moving the hutch each day we rarely had to mow the lawn :)

I love blackbird song.
Did you ever ask what meat was in them? :eek:
I’m a Sydney boy Paul.

We didn’t get to try them. My understanding was that they self-immolated the moment they crossed the border.

Rosehill pies in my school canteen in the then “beyond the end of the world” suburb of Baulkham Hills. Price - 5 cents each. Probably not worth it.