NWR Silly little things that delight you

The sun rising through a temperature inversion as I left the Peak District early on Thursday morning. In my youth I was told that there may only be 30,000 sunrises and sunsets in your life and you will come to regret missing any of them. How true.
I flew in and out of Vienna yesterday at sunrise and early morning and it was life affirming. Just beautiful to see.
The stretch of road at Meursault/Monthelie crossroads heading towards Auxey-Duresses, the vineyards all in green & swathed in bright morning sunshine. The normally lacklustre Rick Stein captured this beautifully in one of his TV programmes - K & I referenced it once again this morning.
I'm with you there, Mark. So much so, I knitted several photos together into a panorama many years ago -

Panorama Web Wine Pages.jpg
I love the Barbican - and the sheer willpower it took to build it at the time. Visionary at a time when that part of London was a bomb site. One can discuss and debate the relative merits of these kinds of places - they certainly bring about a certain Hauntology - but when I was a student I lived in Sheffield near the Park Hill Estate. I thought it was horrible, but got speaking to a woman who had lived there and she described how it was the first time she had running water and an indoor toilet.
Did you happen to see the play Standing at the Sky's Edge, at the National re Park Hill? Nicely done

A blossoming lime tree in Bristol that reminds me of PYCM every time I walk under it!
On a bus for the final leg of my journey back from the Royal Albert Hall and the driver announced he was going to turn the bus off and then back on again because the audible announcements didn’t match the stops. I’ve had to reboot my work PC many times but I’d never seen it done to a bus before…
When sportspersons with wine related names do well.
Phoenix Mercury guard Diana Taurasi made WNBA history on Thursday when she became the first player to score 10,000 career points
Cin Cin Diana