NWR Simon Beatty R.I.P.

Simon passed away in the early hours of this morning. Only a few days ago his health suddenly deteriorated and he once again was admitted to hospital where he died peacefully.

A dear friend to many here, Simon very bravely fought his illness and whilst he knew the prognosis was poor, maintained a hugely positive attitude and managed to have some very good times amongst the many very difficult ones that often entailed long stays in hospital. This summer he very generously shared some beautiful Raveneau grand crus over lunch at Noize with a few friends. It was typical of his generosity and it was a spectacular lineup. But more memorably it was wonderful seeing his happiness in sharing wonderful wines, chatting and laughing with all of us and his partner. I’ll treasure that memory as well as so many others. Farewell Simon.
God rest ye, Simon, what a titanic fight you put up to stay with us opening bottles of glory.

I'm sad we didn't manage to have that last lunch..
That’s really sad news to read this morning. Simon was so generous with his time and experience, he was kind enough to show me the ropes in my early days of wine interest, and continued to do that through to recent times, with some superb lunches and generously sharing some extraordinary bottles. We’re all fortunate to have known and spent time with him and learnt from his experience. I hope he is resting peacefully now
That’s terribly sad news. RIP Simon, you will be missed by many.

Simon was always so generous with his knowledge, time, wit, and his wines. He shared some spectacular bottles with me at various events, which, as one of the younger forumites, I would have unlikely ever tasted elsewhere.
I’m very sad to hear that. I did chat to him briefly at the last wimps I saw him where he said he hadn’t been too well, but I didn’t know how serious it was.

In that conversation I reminded him of my first memory which was also my first wimps - Germany - Austria
He produced a Fritz- Haag Magnum 2001 which was great.
Oh it’s an auction one he exclaimed in slight surprise.

Thanks very much Simon. Always a good table guest. Very sad news.
Very sorry to hear this. I was very impressed with how he pushed on after his diagnosis and his attitude was a lesson to all of us to enjoy what we have while we have it. RIP Simon.
How very sad. Although I’d not seen him in the last couple of years, I’d heard he’d been Ill and that the prognosis wasn’t good, and despite that he was ploughing on with fortitude. So many of the comments above ring true and I can relate to personally from the few times I had the pleasure of dining with Simon. RIP.