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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Mike Humphreys, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Ive been looking at Roussane variants and of course beaucastel and some SA wines are first in line but then I have loooked at some SQN whites.
    A good deal on some Mr K Chardonnay sweet wine kicked it off to fill that gap as have never tasted.

    I see they do some very intriguing blends that aren’t sweet which are Rousanne Chardonnay Viognier etc. Has anyone got much experience with these blended whites and how do they taste / fare. They aren’t cheap and are not plentiful but I’m finding that some US wines are fascinating and delicious and provide a nice alternative to European wines.
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  2. I've tried a few, including several of the Mr K Chardonnay's. I think if you enjoyed those then you are well probably suited to their style (which seems consistent across their ranges). For myself I find their wines to bossy and showy, over-done and over-priced.
  3. Yes well the Mr K is the super sweet (as per their early Roussane) I’m thinking the Resiste, Lightmotif etc dry whites from a blend.
    It’s possible showy and over the top might just be my cup of tea especially as a contrast to more traditional wines.
    Overpriced is very probable but I guess best way is to get a few in.As I’ve said I’ve already grabbed some of the Mr K sweet so might look at a few of the drys.

    The reds are a bit rich for me and so many other top producers are a much lesser price.
  4. There must be easier to find and better value ports of call if you're embarking on a roussanne voyage ?
  5. Yes already found a few, It was just a possible side action and interest.

    Beaucastel VV is the original starting point
    Several South African blends (very good value) The Thorne Daughters Rocking horse I had via LW but in the BBR sale just now they are £10.80 a bottle which if you want value is possibly unbeatable !
    Roussane Pure by Ussaglio and similar
    Stolpman Avion
    Somebody has suggested the Hermitage Chevalier de Sterimberg which sounds a clean balanced variant.

    So have a few already, was just interested how people found the SQN who had tried them.
  6. I've had the Tarantella SQN. A while ago. On a par with Beaucastel VV and a similar flavour profile. Have you tried Alban Vineyards? Cheaper and better. Also Giaconda in Australia. Their Nantua Les Deux is excellent stuff.
  7. Agree wholeheartedly.
  8. And that’s what I’m loving here, the breadth and depth of people and experience who have had all sorts and producers not immediately known.
    Saying that can’t find any of the Giaconda in the uk on WS.
    The other one is however with Hedonism who I’ve avoided so far as they are nearly always the most expensive but I’ll keep in mind.
  9. I used to have a few I remember Albino and the Boot (IIRC) but very full on experiences.
  10. Turley’s white is similar. Uncorked used to stock it.
  11. Have you tried the Chave Circa, Mike?
  12. Domaine Gilles Berlioz Vin de Savoie Chignin-Bergeron Les Filles is worth tracking down & Ken Forresters Barrel Selection has merit.
  13. But only in magnum format it would seem.
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  14. I would also highly, highly recommend Turley's wines. I assume Russell must be referring to The White Coat bottling, as the majority of their wines are historic vineyard (as VV seems to be known here) ZInfandels.

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