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  1. i for one am slightly surprised BBR are a conduit for them , When they have their own range wines.

    As for the merits of the liquids......?

    I doubt I will get to taste them , and could be accused of saying it’s mere opportunism on several fronts.
  2. Surely the tasting note will have to squeeze beefy in somewhere.
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  3. Good to know that IT Botham is In The Business
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  4. Sometimes when a larger-than-life celebrity attaches his or her name to a wine it doesn’t work out well. If the wines that our Neanderthal former cricketing hero put his name to are any thing like Gerard Depardieu’s wines I wouldn’t touch them with a barge poll.
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  5. The description of these wines as offering "generosity in terms of fruit, texture and weight" is suggestive that they will indeed be beefy. Of all the offers I have received recently, this was the easiest to pass.
  6. My local deli is selling Henry Blofeld wines.
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  7. It was good to read a press release where ITB credits the late, great John Arlott for introducing him to the joys of wine.
  8. Is it a rebrand of Botham Merrill Willis wines?
  9. Arlott on Wine...still worth reading for th prose, and the joy.
  10. I can’t remember who it was with, but wasn’t Depardieu’s first Wine a Condrieu partnership called “Les Ceps de Nebadon”, which was actually quite decent, if in that slightly blowsy style?

    ...Alain Paret was the guy. I think Depardieu bowed (or stumbled) out but in the 1990s he was in. I bought one or two IIRC.
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  11. My view is that celebrity-endorsed wines are even more rubbish than celebrity-endorsed perfume, clothing or handbags. At least celebs know something about fashion. Celebrity wine is worse than Beats headphones. What kind of idiot buys it?
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  12. Some celebs seem to take it seriously. Sam Neill for example, and Coppola for another.
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  13. I'll defer to your handbag expertise o_O;), but on the whole anything with a sleb endorsement is an almost certain non-buy from me. It's been clear over the years that such endorsements cost money that could have been better utilised on the product itself.
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  14. Those guys are investors, not endorsers.
  15. Sam Neill is pretty much a winemaker from what I’ve heard.

    But I see your clarification...
  16. Jon is basically right about them being investors (and some just want to appear cool), but Sam Neill is certainly an exception. There may be others. I hear Angelina was pretty good on the punch downs.
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  17. Ah, you saw the same article in Hello!
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  18. The question that came straight to mind too.
  19. Ian and Gareth, these are not the same wines as the Botham-Merrill-Willis wines which my outfit distribute in the UK. The BMW selections are carefully made by Geoff Merrill with a surprising amount of input from the two cricketers. Geoff (neither Ian nor Bob) would have it any other way!
  20. I can't speak for Both's blend but I believe Blofeld's champagne is from Guilleminot.

    Some years ago, I was presented with a bottle to accompany a well-deserved man of the match award after plundering 83 not out against an attack comprised mainly of Devonian 11 year olds (I was 28 at the time).

    It was drunk on the outfield immediately after the game, warm from plastic cups and utterly delicious.
  21. Blowers’ white & Red comes from the cave Buxy. Both admirable quaffers. The 15 certainly is a lovekydrop now.
  22. I was served the Botham Barossa shiraz at a charity dinner for Chance to Shine last year. With the caveat that I'm not a fan of the style in the first place, it is rocket fuel, as the BRR tasting note implies if you read between the lines. The label states 15.5% abv if i recall correctly, but it tasted a good deal stronger than that. It was difficult to see any merit to the wine beneath the alcohol burn. I won't forget it soon I'm afraid.
  23. A vote is called for ;)
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  24. I suspect they don’t form the majority of Sir Ian”s cellar.

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