Supermarket promotions Q1 2022

I remember this being sold off at the Co-op about 8-9 years ago. The trouble is they never restocked it again I don’t think. They certainly don’t have it in stock now.
I have been waiting for this: Rene Lamy Chassagne-Montrachet 2015, down to £7.85 (from a pretty fair £25) at my local Co-op. Cleared the fridge, and the nice lady at the desk asked if I was having a wedding.
Not quiet on the same level but Co-op down my way has discounted CUNE white Rioja to £3.90, currently £10 in Sainsburys
Afraid so Neil
Tried with Cune in one store and Lamy in another.

Geoff & Michael, i take it the bottles you picked up labelled as reduced?

How annoying. With mine, the shelf tag was replaced with a tag showing the reduced price, but no red sale/clearance/bin-end livery or anything. Nothing on the bottles themselves. I suspect the reduction was to make way for a newer £25 Beaune that they are making room for (a Domaine Cauvard, which is new to me), so if that line hasn't appeared in the stores you visited then it might be worth checking again next time you're in (with apologies for encouraging yet further goose chasing)
Not really a promotion, more an observation… i was quite surprised how quickly the Caymus Cab 2019 sold out in Costco at £66 a bottle.

Something i was sure was going to end up heavily discounted later in the year for me to snaffle, but not to be as it sold out in a week or so.

I didn’t think this wine did that well outside the states?


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