Supermarket promotions Q1 2022

Another restock from Waitrose. I have a sneaking suspicion they update their stock around 6am UK time (which is great when you’re on holiday 4 hours ahead…)

This morning - more Krug, Dom 2012 (first time they’ve had Dom this time around) and mags of the LR 241. Also a smattering of some Bordeaux.

Thank you for the heads up. Previously not listed the re-stock now includes Camel Valley Brut which comes at a better price than direct from the vineyard - not 5 miles away !
Aldi are steadily reducing the price of remaining store stocks of their Christmas ranges
I've seen
- Maynards 2016 LBV Port - now £7.99
- Vacqueyras blanc £7.99
- Bulgarian Merlot 2018 £5.99
They're currently labelling most wines with a made up name - the French are all 'Pierre Jourant' without any producer information
Availability varies hugely between stores and they mostly remain full price online
Was surprised there was 2014 Cristal available. Tasted earlier at the taste event and it was decent. £150 all in for todays market is depressingly well priced.
Arrived today.
I see there is more Bolly LGA 2012 Rose. At. £82 a bottle it’s decent value, though I have quite a lot already so have held firm.

Cristal an absolute bargain at that price for the quality and will bring a smile whenever you see an IB offer for a case of 6.
A supermarket in my part of the world decided to clear out Frescobaldi's CastelGiocondo 2015 Brunello for just under £22 a bottle. I have fond memories of the lovely 1978 and so I picked up a pair of them. Not exactly the best of bargains but I also couldn't resist a pair of 2010 Conde de Valdemar Gran Reserva for £19 each.
No idea Mark.

I think the first time I’d heard of them was at Davy’s tasting in January where they had a villages and 1er Fourchame which were quite decent.

Never seen them “in store” though our local Waitrose is small.

A small wrinkle was that the Jadot 1er was described as Morgeot on the website but Grande Montagne turned up.

Not really bothered apart from the fact that as I already have a bottle of their 18 Duc de Magenta Morgeot it might have made an interesting comparison tasting on a nice summers afternoon. :)