Supermarket promotions Q1 2022

As someone noted a couple of pages back, today is Lidl's day for a new Wine Tour, so some leftovers are in the £3.99 bin. I'm now sipping a refreshing stony and lemony Carpinus Furmint and also picked up a S Africa Chardonnay - Chenin blend called Vis a Vis.
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The last 5 Krug from Waitrose I snaffled has arrived, all 169. I added a hambledon premier cuvee to make it up to six, never tried it before.

Wonder when Krug 170 is coming, can’t be long now?
With the 159 being 2013 based I expect we can enjoy these.
With 2014,15 and 16 the next run of vintages I am not expecting too much.
The 2018 base will perhaps be a long time a comin and by then perhaps £ 350 a pop.
Indeed. Quite by accident I've managed to acquire a fair bit of 169, which given the vintages coming, probably a good thing. Krug is still a decent value proposition at its current release/waitrose offer price but a £350 wine it is not. I suppose once it tops about £150-175ib, then I'm out.

They make a fair amount of it right? Hopefully the volume is enough to keep it semi-reasonable.
On this side of the pond, not that there are many forum members from this side, the 2015 Fontanafredda 'Seralunga d'Alba' Barolo is being offered for about £20 a bottle. Both a friend and I decided to spring for a pair of bottles each even though we know we will never be able to drink it at full maturity. We are crazy nutters aren't we?

Edit: I just noticed that there is another thread about competitive offer from retailers as opposed to supermarkets and mine really should be there rather than here. Rather than delete I will post it there as well.
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Not sure whether we're including Costco in this thread or the competitive offers from retailers so prepared for slap on the wrist if I'm wrong... ;)

Costco have (and on the rear label are listed as the importers) the 2006 Haut Bergey at £19.79 - have greatly enjoyed the 2005 (which is now north of £40 per bottle) so bought a couple of these at Lakeside on Saturday. I enjoyed the first bottle very much over two nights and went back to Croydon for more last night. There are about 50 or so bottles left there as of now.

If any of you want to check your local stores before travelling it's SKU# 131194 - comes in 1 x 6 carton and if you want a full box which will likely be high up in a rack, I think they like to know in advance... (Didn't know this and had to persuade them to find some aircraft steps to reach the pallet in question).

Considering the sunk storage on this, you'll struggle to find mature Graves at a much better price than this... profitez-en

I picked up a bottle following your post. I have just double decanted it to have with an early evening dinner with family. Looking forward to it. Many thanks for your recommendation here. G
Haut Bergey has been a personal unicorn wine. I've only bought/drunk it on one occasion - the '99 Blanc - Barbados 2004, £30 (ouch). Never seen it since.
I'd like to think it was opened in celebration of the Test win, but I suspect a few Banks were sunk, instead, on that occasion.