Supermarket promotions Q2 2022

This quarter's 25% off 6+ and similar promotions. These generally exclude Scotland and Wales due to local alcohol pricing legislation.

Usual conditions are
- excludes fortifieds;
- for online orders, the date of collection/delivery is the one that counts.
- Waitrose include fortified but suspend all other promotions for the duration

First announced is Asda from 1-18 April. They're also excluding Champagne but not other fizz
Expect JS and Tesco to run their promotions ahead of Easter and again ahead of the Jubilee bank holiday

On past form, Waitrose will have a week towards the end of June - but they too may move to align with the Jubilee.
Just to state the value of these threads.
Having picked up some 2014 Cristal during the Waitrose offer for what equates to £150 delivered, today I received an offer for the same wine for £1290 for 6 IB which is ~£260 delivered!

Yes, the supermarkets tend to negotiate long contracts on their pricing, it will re-adjust somewhat in the not too distant future.
And indeed, as expected, Sainsbury 25% off 6+ 10-16 April

Jaboulet Viognier £8 -> £6 might be worth a go
Paul Mas 'Heritage' - Clairette de Languedoc is pleasant and a few pence less

Amongst the Champagnes Bollinger £39 before discount and Moet £34 make the own label BdN at £19.50 look worth a go. Used to get good reviews - not seen any comment for a while.

Bellingham Bernard series Rousanne was a good buy but has not been available for a while - don't know whether just sold out or delisted.
I've gone for 12 of the Ardanza 2012 also. I think this may well be Majestic's last promotion for the 2012s before they start replacing them with the 2015s.
This is an absolutely screaming bargain.

Wild Turkey 101, a rye based bourbon bottled at 101 US proof, and it is currently £23 with a Tesco Clubcard discount. This is good enough to drink neat and takes water like a king. Aged 6 to 8 years and full of character. Easily the first Bourbon I have loved. Thank me later. Ideally from suitable glassware such as Glencairn or Sherry Copita.

On the Clubcard price Peter

Thanks, Michael
Tesco have made most, if not all, of their promotions contingent on having a clubcard, including the 25% off 6.

The one I was looking at online shows £8 as the Clubcard price, and £11 as the 25% off price, so it seems you can get 25% off without a Clubcard, but that would cost £8.25
With 25% off £8 that makes a bottle nominally £11 reduced to £6.

I'm in unless some greedy chappie has cleared the shelf...