Supermarket promotions Q3 2022

A couple of other champagne offers at Sainsburys:
Lanson available at £28 > £21
VC 2012 down a fiver £49 > £36.75

Graham Beck the Joshua for £9 is a great buy for the price IMHO
Not only has the wee nippy sweetie stopped us Scots from enjoying multi-buy discounts, but these single discounts weren't even available in a Scottish branch of Sainsburys yesterday evening.
However M&S had the Piper reduced to £26.
Although the £9 price reflects the "buy 6 get 25% off" price. Wonder if I could get away with it online like I can with Waitrose wine cellar. I suspect not, as online deliveries come from a local Sainsbury store and the 25% off will be whipped from under my nose as soon as I login and they check my address :(:mad:
Ha, Keith. I was just about to sound out my pal, who lives in Chirnside, to see if he could pick some up for me in Berwick. I knew I'd seen a Tesco and a Morrisons in Berwick but couldn't remember if there was a Sainsburys. My son's called Joshua too!!
Surprisingly large numbers of Mellot La Moussiere Sancerre Rouge 2019 at Sainsbury’s in Salford today. I took eight, leaving at least a dozen more behind. Reduced already to £15 but 25% offer time brought it down to £11.25. Pretty good when it’s typically north of £25 iirc. Clearly a ripe year (14.5%) but should be decent nontheless I hope.
The Outlook Bay PGR is a kiwi Edelzwicker-a-like with Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewurz.

Enjoyed one yesterday with roast pork and then cheese in the evening.

It's very young and not as good as the Dirler Cadé Edelzwicker (but not many are) but still a good drop.

Would recommend trying one and if up your streets filling boots (metaphorically or otherwise) at that time...


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