Travel Tallin: Any suggestions?

I'm in Tallin this week (beautiful weather here today).

Any recommendations for restaurants / bars? Not necesasarily wine places - just places I should visit?

I'm staying close to the centre in the Hilton.....

Cheers hive mind.
Here is Barry's stream of consciousness on eating in Tallin:

I love it unconditionally, and am getting excited for my 30th visit!

But I fear that someone who asked the connoisseur of fine dining and wines for recommendations would be disappointed by mine! Worse still, the restaurant that I went to for higher level modern Estonian dining closed during COVID

For what they're worth...

Cafes: Nice cake and amazing atmosphere: Kohvik Maiasmokk

Well made older / soviet era baking and interesting authentic retro (unlike Telliskivi hipster style nouveau retro) atmosphere: Cafe Narva

Nooooooo! My favourite breakfast place, Ruby Café is now permanently closed! It was a lovely kosher cafe / restaurant but is now a delivery app only bagel bar. Oh well, knowing now saved me a disappointing morning. There's a certain safety to kosher restaurants. They're always a known value of good, a bit like Italian! (for the unadventurous)

Oh well.

For meals... Georgia House - also closed permanently! This is going terribly! Georgian people raved about that place, and of anyone you were with had every been near a Georgian you were going there. I really liked it.

Looks like I'm looking for new restaurants this year

This place did authentic but nice Estonian food – Restaurant Vanaema Juures


Those were my suggestions

For pubs...

I don't drink. I only go to bars when people take me, and people in this context is usually Germans. So this place is apparently good for beer, but I can't confirm that:

Hell Hunt (play on words; means gentle wolf)

Oh... One more place NoKu

Food ok, atmosphere special. It's supposedly a private club, but these days there aren't enough artistic types in Tallinn to keep a writers club's restaurant in business, so membership is open to anyone that knows the door code, let me find it ..


So one of my haunts is still open at least!

And actually my most frequent haunt is Lido at the Solaris centre. It's a Latvian buffet and is everything you'd expect of one. It's edible, you see what you're getting, and it's one convenient step immediately above fast food