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  1. The Grenache Thread continues to be quite popular with some very interesting tasting notes and comments. German wines get a fair amount of mention on this forum and there are frequent discussions about Rieslings from down under. So I think it is a good idea to go with this idea and see how it develops. I will start it off with a good Rheingau from 2001.

    TN: 2001 Querbach Edition Riesling, Rheingau.

    11.5% alc, $27 Cdn, crown closure made of stainless steel like a beer bottle cap. This wine showed up well at a recent tasting downtown. AP #...007.02.

    Deep lemon yellow color. Nose takes time to open with apple, peach, citrus..lemon zest. "Mango" from across the table. Initial entry thought is nicely evolved, drinks well. Drier style than I expected. Apple, pear, some mineral tones, fair acidity, good length, crisp finish. "Could be halbtrocken?". After an hour, lengthens out tad more..noted citrus on day 2.
    Imagine this has aged in their cellars, a good buy.
  2. Don't know this wine Bob but am very pleased to see a Riesling thread :)
  3. Had a 2007 Dönnhoff Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle Riesling Großes Gewächs last night - very honeyed and advanced. I remember it being scintillating when younger. What do people think about the aging curve of GGs? A couple of years ago I had a 2004 Keller Kirchspiel Großes Gewächs that seemed in a great place so maybe its just the Donnhoff aging quicker than expected/hoped??
  4. Brundlmayer's Zobinger Heiligenstein Riesling Alte Reben 2002, drunk a few months ago, is likely to be on my list of candidates for white wine of the year. Not necessarily the greatest, but the most delicious.
  5. Well that is a good start! Many of us have some nice Rieslings tucked away so look forward to hearing about them. I think some of them in my cellar will outlive me!
  6. Great thread, tricky to contribute here in Sicily but will do utmost on return.
  7. Jim, check out Planeta riesling if you can find it over there. Had it on a recent trip there in late April and it was a very tasty surprise.


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  8. IMG_0559.JPG

    Lovely but still very young. The first bottle of a case and if you have any my advice is to wait another five years !!
  9. Jim, Planeta planted some Riesling on Etna, oddly enough, though I have a feeling they are using it in an Etna Bianco blend, not as a single variety.
  10. Drat, just saw Dave Dewhurst's post, sorry Dave, and it seems I was wrong.
  11. We're half way through a 6 pack of Jim Barry Lodge Hill (Clare) Riesling '13. Jeremy Oliver reckons start drinking from 2025. There's no chance we'll have any left by then: too drinkable.
    Almost to be our bargain wine 2016. Mrs C spotted it in the Co-op for a fiver. We bought & tried a bottle and promptly cleared them out of the remainder.
    Whilst quality German Riesling is (usually) bargain basement, Aussie Riesling prices remain rock bottom, even prior to discounting.
    One has to wonder why growers don't just uproot the vines & re-plant with a cash crop, such as Chardonnay.
  12. Five pounds for a Jim Barry Riesling, wish we had deals like that up here!
    Keith has a nice Burklin-Wolf eh.
  13. Hell's bells, Mark, where are these Co-ops that stock the Jim Barry for a fiver? I've trawled through all the ones round here, with precisely zero success (even at the full price). Am I just unlucky, or is there an international cabal of Riesling-purchasers poised, ready to descend the instant somebody mentions it?

    Nice wine, easily worth buying at Majestic's usual price.
  14. Cabals of it. Sure would not happen around here as most folks...well you know, "its too sweet". LOL.
  15. You'd have needed to have crossed the county border Ian, a few months ago. :cool:
    Saying that the couple of discounted Ferngrove Cab Sauv purchased at the same time is red hot favourite to be our Dud of the Year. Fault free but dreadful jammy nonsense. K refused to cook with it today.
  16. Had the very last bottle of 1992 J Chritoffel Jr Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese last night. This came from the famous Majestic parcel and actually had been in the possession of my ex-wife for the last 10 years - stored in a loft where the temp can get into the high 30´s over the summer. Still great and just as good from the fridge on day 5 as on the first night. Very nice house.
  17. Tonight my daughter cooked us special fried rice with garlic prawns and stir-fried ribbon vegetables (not bad for a 12-yr old!) so I opened Firesteed Riesling 2010 from Oregon. really excellent, dry Riesling with a flinty edge to some lime and green apple fruit. A little spice and a lingering finish which made it a cracking match with the food. At 11.4% and with a refreshing acidity I was very impressed. The back label tells of travels in Alsace by the winemaker and that is borne out in the wine, definitely much more Rhin than Rhein.
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  18. No worries David. Here's the bottle

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  19. Just had a 1999 of this wine this week and it was stunning. It even blew the socks off a German lover of rieslings with its quality!


  20. Another unflattering Mosel 2006 (from the usually flawless Daniel Vollenweider.
    It's official: '06 Mosel should be avoided.
  21. I thought it might be a good idea to check out on my 2010 Emrich-Schonleber "Mineral" after seeing the 2014 on the shelf downtown. I have invested some $$s on E-M over the years so was keen to see how the 2010 was showing on a cold snowy wintery night.

    TN: 2010 Emrich-Schonleber Riesling "Mineral" Trocken, Nahe Ger.

    12% alc, good cork, $30 Cdn, Lot 07-11. Opened one hour.
    Color is a light to medium lemon, very attractive. Big aromatic nuances here with citrus, apricot, slate earth, apple for sure. Some floral tones on day 2 and still intense.
    Initial entry thought is top drawer! Dry-ish, acidity is not overpowering. Might have seem some spritz in younger days? Some spicy mineral tones but not a big complex wine at last on day 1. Good fruit balance, apple, pear., unripe peach. "Like the refreshing crispness" from across the table in our igloo! The complexity holds up well on second day, nice harmony here. Think this could cellar longer but happy to pull from the cellar.
    Food was pork snitzel with bok choy and minted mushrooms and sprouts.
  22. Not much change on day 2 but the finish is bone dry and the acidity has taken over.
  23. On Saturday I opened a Jacob's Creek Steingarten Riesling 2007. It was singing, lots of zesty fruit and dry. Lovely touch of mineral length quality without ever being tired. It was much the same on Sunday.

    I see I brought it from Tesco at £5.99 on discount.
  24. Drunk all mine - a true bargain. I always thought the '05 a notch better of which one left somewhere. Recently started on '11s.
  25. I said all mine had gone too, but no there it was in the rack hidden in plain sight. All gone now. I think your right the 05 was the better, but maybe not now!

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