TN: Back to basics - Bunnahabhain 12yo

I had completely forgotten how satisfying this whisky is. It's not a peaty or smoky Islay but it is a rich, sweet and intense one bottled at 46,3% abv. The scent has lovely fruit basket notes and honey and sherry cask sweetness. Wonderful sweetness on the palate, ever so slight touch of salt and earthiness to counter all that sherry sweetness.

Usually I go to Islay for smoke and peat but my goodness is this a lovely whisky. I guess I can stay in Islay for a sherried fave, too.
We don't have Tobermory available but Ledaig 10 is a fave. For some reason we don't have that as a regular size 0,7 l. bottle only as 0,05 tiny bottles but that's ok. :)
I find Bunnahabhain 12 yo well made and interesting but, for me, it doesn't really get any better than "good", which is really okay, particularly as I've always picked up bottles in offers.
I picked up a bottle of 1980s Bunnahabhain 12YO at auction and it is deliciously rich and layered. 1990s bottle I've had it unsurprisingly a bit ropy. I find current releases to be similar to 1980s but slightly less charming and rich.