TN: Oban 14

Should I restart posting about my whiskies here again?

Since I loved Old Pulteney 12 I thought I'd try another fave from decades ago, Oban 14yo. Oh boy was this a bit of a bit of a disappointment. Like the OP 12 this isn't an "integrity" bottling: under 46%, cold filtered, added colour. This didn't bother me with OP 12 but this Oban 14 just seemed a bit tame. Where the OP 12 had full on aromas and textures despite the low abv, here the aromas are nice but tame: honey, barley, sunshine and just the faintest, tiniest bit of salt. But mostly just caramel. Sigh. The thing I want with these coastal whiskies is that strong tang of sea aromas. This just seemed like a gentrified version of that. The palate also seems just a bit too tame: sweet, goes down easy, no harshness despite some sea salt and the ever so tiny edge of bitter flavours. I want the sea and bitter flavours harsher! I don't want tame. I don't want polite. With this style of whisky I want a punch in the face and this really didn't deliver.

Has anyone tried the cask strength special releases of Oban? We'd have the couple last years available. The prices are silly but if I like the "coastal" style would those be worth buying despite the price?