NWR TV Thread

Searched and couldn't find a telly thread. Anyway, with GOT going off the boil and nothing as good as (in favourite order) The Wire, The Sopranos or Breaking Bad about I finally caught up with Gommorah. Not bad. A bit too violent maybe and not enough sex, but gripping all the same. Went straight through it and now on series 2.
Anyone else seen it?
Daron, based on your viewing history there, you should definitely check out Oz, if you haven't already. It's an HBO drama set in a prison. Boxset readily available on Amazon.

This week's GoT was better than the last two. Looking forward to next week's 'Battle of the Bastards'
Two new series on AMC (android box etc) are Outcast and Preacher, the later being the better of the two - a lot going on in this one including reformed criminals acting as a preacher, a vampire, possessions and angels.
Absolutely loved The Bridge (Danish/Swedish version). I reckon the central character is one of the great great recent creations, invoking pity and hilarity in equal measure. For anyone who likes The Bridge, here she is as talk show host!

Vulcan bit was fine but the rest of the show was a shocker and the celebrity no show thing is pretty lame. Seriously, an hour long show where they had 5 mins on the Vulcan and the rest absolute dross was just awful and a real surprise after the first show.
I hated Breaking Bad. I know, that probably makes me a total philistine, but there we are. Same goes for Game of Thrones (though I enjoyed the books).

I'm pretty much the only person I know who feels that way about those two series, so I'm happy to be an outlier, but anyway...

My tip (though I haven't watched the latest series yet) is Ray Donovan. Really liked the characters, Jon Voigt's possibly being one of the best I've seen on TV for a while. I also enjoyed the Tunnel (British version of the Bridge) - a little simplistic & moralistic at times, but the plot arcs in both series were enjoyably epic.
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Asa - I share your conclusion about Breaking Bad, but I wonder whether it's for the same reason. Why didn't you like it out of interest?

I think there were a few things... I just had so little empathy with ANY of the characters. The only person who I actually found entertaining was Saul - I couldn't invest anything into any of the others, or what eventually happened to them. Also, I didn't really like the slightly surrealist nature of the whole thing - not quite sure how to explain it, maybe just the general implausibility of everything, but there was something about the way it was shot that meant I was never really able to buy into the plot.

Also - I've never seen it, but I've been recommended by a LOT of people to watch the Shield, which I understand to be in a similar vein to the Wire. One other tip (though you'll probably have to buy it on DVD) is Generation Kill.