TN Two good ones from the south of France, one poor one from the Loire

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  1. Three wines over this weekend.

    The white wine, 2013 Vouvray sec from Domaine du Clos Naudin (Foreau) was a huge disappointment because this was from a well-known producer, whose wines I have greatly enjoyed on other occasions. The acidity was killing and the rest of the flavor profile was annoyingly neutral.
    I’m prepared to believe that wines such as this need to age, but no amount of cellaring will bring this around in my opinion. Not familiar with Loire Valley vintages, I went and had a look at the Wine Advocate vintage chart (for what it’s worth), and they give 2013 the lowest rating in 20 years. Perhaps that explains things…

    2011 Domaine de l’Horizon “Rouge”, IGP Côtes Catalanes was a lovely surprise. This is made in small quantity from very old Carignan and Grenache vines. It had a nose with smoke and truffle nuances I would have pegged as a fine Northern Rhône (despite the absence of Syrah) if tasted blind. The wine may have been less special on the palate, but it was still very good indeed. A nice discovery that just goes to show how knowledgeable people in wine shops can guide you. I would never have bought this wine on my own, being totally unfamiliar with the region or the producer.

    2008 Saut de Côte from Alain Chabanon was also a treat with roast chicken. This is made from 80% Mourvèdre and 20% Syrah and aged for 36 months in egg-shaped concrete vats (one of which figures prominently on the label). Perhaps a little less enjoyable than the previous, with a short aftertaste, it was nevertheless a wine to restore my faith in the Languedoc and a very successful effort.

    Both red wines are fine to drink now, although they will hold for several more years.

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  2. I too had a couple of bottles of the Dom de l'Horizon, maybe two years ago and loved it. I have never been able to find it since. If anyone out there knows of a supplier I would appreciate the advice.
  3. Domaine de l'Horizon is a tiny estate in Calce run by a former top German (or Austrian) sommelier. If I'm honest I found his wines on the oxidative side in the early years. Recently he has completely changed to early-picked, high-acidity wines I have heard. His notoriety in his homeland, added to high prices means that the wines are not found that easily.

    Alain Chabanon is one of the founding fathers of the Languedoc Renaissance. I've not tasted his wines for a long time but they were definitely making the best of the terroir and grape varieties down here.
  4. I've been drinking Les Boissières,Domaine Chabanon 2008 which I picked up from TWS. I think it puts many Chateauneuf's in their place, being a Grenache dominate Rhone blend.

    The Saut de Côte seems to be a premium cuvee and TWS says the 2007 has only just been released.

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