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  1. Visited a friend who recently purchased a holiday home in Provence yesterday and she was showing me some wines that the previous owner left behind in their cellar. One wine was several bottles of Chateauneuf du Pape 1976 Berard Pere et Fils (label below) and the other was something I'd never seen before and we are planning to open it tonight.
    It is a wine called Doudet Tradition from the Burgundy negociant Doudet-Naudin. It appears to be non-vintage, although '96' has been hand-written on the label (the label fell off pretty quickly so I suspect it has been in fairly dry storage). However, the level is about mid-neck so is fairly promising. I'm sorting of expecting it to be a Pinot Noir but not too sure, given it is a 'Vin de France' so might not even be from Burgundy. The bottle has a lot of crusted dust on it so I can't see if anything is on the cork.

    Chateauneuf du Pape 1976 Berard.JPG

    Doudet Tradition Doudet-Naudin.JPG

    All will be revealed fairly soon.
  2. Hope you don’t mind me piggybacking your thread, Paul!
    Tonight, 2009 Domaine Ilarria Irouléguy Cuvée Bixintxo. Popped & poured, only 25% Tannat (60% Cab Franc) & the definition of sturdy. Expect it will open out. Knocks spots off a recent Arretxea Haitza ‘09.
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  4. Thanks Claude
  5. A Doudet-Naudin vin de france Chardonnay a couple of years back was quite spectacularly disgusting, almost in the so bad it's good class.
  6. I opened it tonight after letting it stand upright for 24 hours. It was brownish-red in colour and had the distinctive strawberry and sous bois aromas of mature pinot noir. First taste was OK, perhaps slightly stewed and possibly past its best. I left it to stand in the opened bottle for a couple of hours and, going back to it, the stewed fruit flavour had disappeared and it seemed a bit more balanced. However, about another hour later it had become pretty ferrous, with a metallic taste in the mouth, which overpowered the strawberry and cherry fruit. Worth it for the experience, but the rest of the bottle went down the sink.
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  7. interesting to try Paul.

    Did you try the CNDP too? I always find it becomes a little muddy with that sort of age, not a bad wine but just a touch nondescript.
  8. Afraid not Chris, it was other friends who she gave the CNdP to. They appeared to like it, but are not into writing up TNs unfortunately.

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