Travel Walking Volnay vineyards during the lockdown

Dear all!

My name is Stas and I am the wine enthusiast from a tiny country of Latvia hidden in the Eastern Europe. I am passionate about wine and have been blogging for a while. Mostly tasting notes, some quirky rankings and occasional winemakers profiles. Like many of you here, I read a lot of wine related texts. And it always fascinated me how one can tell the story that resonates with you and sticks for a long time in the memory. There is an entire universe of wine reference materials, but there are much less good wine stories.

This is my first attempt to tell the story. I feel unconfident as an amateur writer, and your honest feedback should help develop my voice. Here is the deal. I invite you to read the first sentence below and follow the link if you want to learn more.

No need to eat the whole egg if your first spoon shows its rotten. ))

On a gloomy day of November 5, 2020, when all of Europe rushed into the new lockdown, I uncorked 6 bottles of fine Volnays and found myself just off the Beaune-Chagny highway (D974 road) facing the vineyards of this famous village in Côte de Beaune...

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Stas, I was going to PM you about this but may as well be up-front. Links to commercial wine-related businesses are not allowed - businesses trading in wine, selling anything to do with wine, that require a subscription or which carry advertising.

The blog you have linked to does none of these, so is acceptable. However I note the links to your other business, of which you are "co-founder and tutor", which organises commercial tastings and courses.

To be absolutely honest, everything about your approach and wording feels like a sales pitch, there to build a mailing list and an audience. It does not read like the words of an amateur enthusiast. It has already been reported to me.

I am not censoring this post, but will be monitoring future posts in the hope that you will play a genuine part in forum discussion, without more links to any blog or business in which you are involved.
Dear Tom,

In no way this post was intended as a sales pitch or to promote any business. That is the wine writing attempt as it is stated above.

To be absolutely transparent, I did have a link at the bottom of my article to recent wine education project I am involved in. I have now removed it to avoid any confusion. Once again, that was not the intention and I feel sorry for that. I will avoid such links in the future.