Warm temperatures affecting wine enjoyment

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Jonathan Hesford, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. With the current ambient temperatures way above the serving temperatures of wine, how are we all managing? I'm trying to keep the red wines I want to drink in my wine fridge at 18 degrees but even then, once they are out on the table, it doesn't take long for wine in the glass to get up to 24-25 degrees. I've been using chilling sleeves and ice buckets but it's hard to regulate the temperature to enjoy good red wines and I have to admit to opting for rosé or white out of necessity.
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    Certainly drinking more white (and a bit of rose) than red this summer. And the thought of big reds - 14% Cabs, etc. - not hugely appealing.
  3. But surely it's harder to keep whites at the right temperature than reds? Rate of change of temperature increases as the temperature difference. In this weather, for all colours you need to bring the wines out cooler than drinking temperature - they warm in the glass if not the bottle.
  4. During the recent 35C+ weather, I have tended to prefer beer in frozen / chilled glasses or otherwise drinking rose, but did have a great bottle of haut-medoc 2000 bordeaux in a well air-conditioned restaurant.
  5. Yes, much more white than usual but also a good and large range of chilled reds and some rather lovely surprises as a result. Montepulciano in particular seems very well suited to being served very cool.
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  6. Putting beer glasses in the freezer before use works very well, but yet to try the same with wine glasses!
  7. Just try with some zaltos and report back ;)
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  8. Stick to lowish alcohol whites/roses and add an ice cube or 2.
  9. It's easier with white and rosé because you just stick them in an ice bucket. Tryin to get reds to stay at 18-19 is tricky.
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    Bottle of Rheingau Riesling tonight, which was popped back in the fridge between courses. Could be psychological, but in hot, especially very sultry weather as we have tonight, even a chilled 'big' red seems a little too heavy. And we're probably eating more white-friendly dinners too - a lot of fish, salads, not many carbs.
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  11. Definitely keep the bottle in the fridge between pours. For me enjoyment or not depends a lot on how much direct sun exposure I have had in the hour or two before: so after going to the beach a red or even a heavy white would be a no-no, but if I've been working in a cool office, much less of a problem. If a fridge is too far, I would keep my reds in an ice-bucket as well - if you notice it is getting a bit too cold, just take it out for a bit. Most of the time a red that's too cold is no big deal - just wait a minute or two for it to warm up..
  12. A single whisky stone added to a glass of red works brilliantly at keeping it at a nice room temperature in searing heat. No taint or dilution.

    Whites and rosés as others have said simply take small pours and keep the bottle on ice or in the fridge.
  13. Take the wine out of my fridge at 12C and then drink really fast.....:D A skill that is necessary in Singapore.
  14. same bkk Chiu!

    You do get used to it though.
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  15. For beer in Asia and UK we have long used freezy mugs. For wine, those wannabe plastic fruit slices keep temperature low once out of fridge and are small enough not to be too annoying in the glass. Taste veers more to steely/mineral rather than fruit driven wines.
  16. The weather has been ideal,for enjoying modest wine with people who just drink it and enjoy it without obsessing about it, often a salutary lesson though there are of course limits.
  17. Alex's regular breakfast pint of Musigny is renowned throughout southeast Asia.
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  18. I haven't had any problems during the pleasant weather; just stuck my reds in the fridge before drinking.

    However I bought abottle of 'Le Naturel' Garnacha from Majestic yesterday; this is a wine with no added sulphites. It's back label says that as sulphites act as a preservative, this wine should not be stored in temperatures above 16C and served at 11-12C

    According to my Age UK thermometer, 16C is below the safe zone for a room and I'm sure nowhere in the house is as cool as that so I've stuck it in the fridge.

    It makes me wonder about the last (different) no added sulphites wine I had which didn't have any temperature guidance and was disgusting. Did it too need to be kept cool?
  19. Like others, loads of whites and pinks, lighter reds (tonight's Austrian red looks more like a dark rosé), but also chilling reds (the last half glass of a Du Grappin Bojo-Villages bagnum lurks in the fridge, and this has reminded me to drink it whilst my wife cooks ;)).

    Peter, I'm not wholly convinced, on past experience, that zero-sulphur wines (all wines contain some sulphites, even when no sulphur is added) are wholly averse to temperatures higher than 16 degrees, but they certainly don't like to get a lot hotter. I think one of the reasons for the improvement in these wines has been down to the understanding that they must not be shipped in summer (even reefers for shipping don't work as wines are not delivered to retailers in cool vans), and that specialist retailers have air controlled premises. Some stores are way too hot, and it's either down to ignorance or not caring..
  20. Marcel Lapierre made every year Cuvee MMXV Morgon, (now made by son Mathieu) Natural, selected from the oldest vines and no sulpher dioxide at all. I have heard from a sommelier who left a bottle overnight in the restaurant instead of taking it back to the cellar below. The next day it was ruined.
  21. Presumably that was an open bottle, though? Otherwise the somm would not have known it was OK one day and ruined the next.

    I think Peter was asking about unopened bottles.
  22. It was unopened. It was at Au Moulin a Vent Chez Henri. And Morgon and Moulin a Vent is the core of their wine lists. They have a really good cellar underneath and I suggest that it may have been a particularly hot August, like the one we have been having. That how this came to mind, Peter's observations re sulphur dioxide in wines. This Morgon has zero sulphur. Maybe he served it the next day to a customer who refused it!
  23. Here in Burgundy I have been popping everything in the Fridge. The mere thought of a heavyweight wine makes my taste buds revile. Ice cold kir and lovely light fresh Montagny are slipping down a treat. Even a 2012 last evening was right in form, mind you, it had only moved 10k from birth to table.
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    Well, here in the UK we don't need to re-visit this topic for another 20 years :)
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  25. We're dashing to the region for a fleeting visit at the end of the week. Fortunately, there's a forecast for rain on Friday so we may be able to open something red. Otherwise, it's meant to be dreadfully hot, so we are taking an emergency supply of Riesling & rosé.

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