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  1. Which is the best NV Champagne by a "middle of the road producer" for a wedding? I posed this question 8 years ago when my daughter was getting married and got the following votes from forum members:
    Pol Roger 7
    Louis Roederer 5
    Bollinger 4
    Tattinger 3
    Perrier Jouet 1
    Moet & Chandon 1

    There is another wedding around the corner and I wondered if things had changed? I have not done this as a poll as other producers not voted for before may now be better.
    Current 2018 votes:
    Piper Heidsieck 5
    Charles Heidsieck 2
    Chartogne Taillet St Anne 2
    Tattinger 1
    Pol Roger 1
    Deutz 1
    Bérêche 1
    Louis Roederer 1
    Alfred Gratien 1
    Marc Hebrart 1
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  2. Taittinger. Drinks young, is rounded enough to be a crowd pleaser and serious enough to appeal to aficionados.
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  3. If you can get it on one of the frequent supermarket offers, Piper Heidseick.

    More rich and round than Tatty, which may be too fierce for some if young.

    Surprisingly good for £15 or so.
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  4. Mags of Pol White foil NV sourced from M&S for £60 in the next promo would be a top call.
    The Tatty and Piper’s already mentioned would be spot on if you can get em a bit in advance all the better the Piper Red
    label from the last Sainsbury’s promo is beautiful now.....perhaps even too good for general consumption, so daytime guests only:)
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  5. English Sparkling?
  6. Deutz Brut. Lovely stuff.
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  7. Not on the cards.
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  8. Thanks for the Sainsbos Piper comment, Ray. I got a few in. Maybe none will become presents when I open one.
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  9. Charles H or Bereche for me, with Gosset Grand Reserve coming in to play if purchasing at french prices.
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  10. Bérêche.
    If from the original runners & riders: Taittinger.
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  11. I've been really happy with the consistency of Roederer and Charles Heidsieck too.
    Other suggestions above may also be good, but it is always special for a wedding if you can serve your choice out of magnum.
    In an ideal world you would give the magnums a couple of years of extra bottle age in a cool cellar too.

    If you fancy a vintage upgrade, maybe just for the toast, Roederer 2008 is available in the UK still for £450 IB (per 12) and Taittinger 2008 mags are listed on WS as low as £432 IB.
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  12. I’d go Chartogne Taillet St Anne, £28/bottle. Love the Bereche but this is more of a crowd pleaser in my experience.
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  13. Strange how there is no longer any consensus on first preferences ( I have taken the first producer mentioned in each post).
  14. Charles Heidsieck for me
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  15. One can't go wrong with £15 PIper-Heidsieck. That's under C$30 !!
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  16. Looking at some of the suggestions made, I think it’s worth remembering that the criterion is a ‘middle of the road producer”, not champagne-fanciers’ esoteric preferences. On that basis, and especially if cost is a factor to be taken into account (as it may be with a wedding crowd to fuel) it’s hard to look beyond something like Piper or Taittinger when available at Sainsbury’s knock-down prices.
  17. i agree with this, tending to prefer Piper and although it is not to my preference, the higher level of dosage within the Brut category, should make it a crowd pleaser
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  18. "Middle of the road" was a term I used to exclude Krug and Cristal and other prestige brands at one end and supermarket own brands at the other.
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  19. Lucky you - my daughter is getting married, in a vineyard in Styria, Austria, next month and we are restricted to the house sparkling wine, a Demi-sec Sparkling Uhudler, which is a grape even Mr. Crossley cannot have encountered that often. The wine is unfortunately both sickly sweet and likely to be poured in advance of the inexhaustible toasts, thus will be eventually sipped warm, without a spitoon in sight.
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  20. Another vote for the Taillet St Anne, we had a bottle last week and it was lovely as said above most people would get along with it quite well. I was going to suggest Henriot NV but seems to have got a little pricey since I last looked.
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  21. The ‘problem’ when buying from supermarket offers for such an occasion is surely you can’t be sure you’ll get enough of the desired wine? I could only get x5 bottles of Contino on the recent offer, a high quality problem to have admittedly.
  22. Ha, hi Steve. I truly have not tried it, though it sounds very nasty. I do quite like Schilcher Sekt, another Austrian acquired taste from the same region, but at least that’s dry. Usually.

    Congratulations to your daughter.
  23. Does it have to be a GM? How many bottles does one require?
  24. I suppose it has to be a GM - at least a bottle that people will realise is not Cava or Prosecco etc. (good though some of these may be) as it is a wedding. Last time IIRC we had Pol Roger for the standing around before the meal etc. and for some reason I do not remember Perrier Jouet for the toasts.
  25. Piper is a good bet, as is Taittinger. Charles H is a lovely wine, needs some time to settle after release! If you have enough time before the wedding, buy magnums, better for quality and theatre, but you'll need to store them a bit longer before opening (and virtually no magnums of Charles H. available in UK anyhow).
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