Weekend Drinking 13th July

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  1. I’ll kick it off as opened two stunning value wines.

    Phillipp Veser 2009 Spatlese recently picked up at £15 a bottle and stunning for the money.

    Snowden 2014 which is an utter delight and fantastic value though nearer £50.
  2. 2014 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Kabinett as I settle in to watch Djokovic Nadal which has just started!
  3. A 2007 Torii Mor Eola-Amity Hills select pinot tonight, from that original BfW batch that Lionel brought in. Very decent. First bottle of this cuvée since the Vinitecca tasting that introduced them.
  4. The second half of a bottle of Burlotto Pelaverga 2016 is even nicer than yesterday, and as a habitual burgundy drinker that is a rather wonderful thing.
  5. Opened a Valle Roncanti Fara Ciada 2010 last night - absolutely corked to hell.

    Lismore Pinot Noir 2016 was pressed into action with pasta with a mushroom and hazlenut sauce. Very nice wine - all those kind of raspberry looking fruits (tayberry, loganberry etc.), some savoury notes (a touch of stems I think), very pure with perhaps a touch more obvious oak than I would like (however it is bery young). Pretty, classy and restrained. Holding up well today but definitely changed, fruit seems a little darker (cherries, almost a bit kirschy).

    Off to a family do tomorrow - cocktails and champagne probably the order of the day.
  6. Over lunch today -

    1995 Rollin Corton Charlemagne. Enough to make you yearn for old school white burg, but not in reality quite worthy of its GC status.

    2010 Maison Ilan Chambertin. I actually thought a very high end Jura; in that context an A- type of wine; as a Burg GC not up to scratch. Very nice to drink though.

    1996 Scavino Barolo Bric del Fiasc. A test to see this wine’s progress, ultimately it will probably be better in 5 years’ time. The modern style is very obvious and overall I don’t see it as positive for the wine.

    40yo Barbeito Malvasia. Despite being a little cloudy, effortlessly wine of the lunch. This has some really old stuff in it and the quality shines through

    2010 Dageneau Blanc Pouilly de Fume. A strong vintage in the Loire and this wine ultimately didn’t show as well as it might have done; good but not inspiring as the best Sancerre / PF whites can be
  7. Cissac 2005, not bad, still some fruit and a decent length. I guess this is good value since it was bought long ago. But it is nonetheless a very boring wine, faced with another glass, I think I'd rather have a watermelon juice..
  8. I can't face red wine in this heat and humidity. So I'm having a well-chilled Australian chardonnay - Mere et Fils 2015 - which I bought at Vinoteca. Not a profound or memorable wine but quite pleasant, as I sit here watching the Proms.
  9. Gravea, Chateau des Gravieres 2010 tonight. My last of a case of 6 and drinking well.
  10. I finally managed to track down some soda water to make Toms lime, mint and bitters mixed drink. Very nice it is too.
  11. The “do I drink too much” thread has put me off opening anything after a heavy week! Feel quite righteous
  12. Another Haisma Aligoté 2016 tonight. Lovely on a warm summer evening.
  13. D’Angerville Taillepieds 1999... cooked! Aaaaargh!
  14. 1975 Haut Brion - had a small glass just before leaving for restaurant, clean nose, still somehow tanninc with good acidity and balance. Never got to enjoy the rest of the bottle as it was tragically dropped on the floor before reaching the restaurant. Darn!

    1993 Chandon de Brailles Corton Bressandes - this has been drinking really well for at least 5 years now with years to go.

    2004 Mount Mary Quintet - showing well at the moment, no hint of alcohol or over-extraction but probably just a tad too sweet for my liking. One of very few wines from OZ that I still drink occasionally.
  15. F8137860-50DF-4526-A80C-7222166E9F9F.jpeg
    A first try if Musar Jeune to accompany Lebanese food. Not bad at all, although this doesn’t have any of Chateau Musar’s volatility or flavours of old churches and furniture polish! This is fresh and brambly with good acidity. We had it chilled down to cool which worked well. The constituent grape varieties are cinsault, syrah, and Cabernet sauvignon not necessarily in that order.
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  16. E5AEF389-51E1-405C-97B2-D1D2C5970CA5.jpeg

    This was delicious last night, excellent drinking just now. A blend of Nebbiolo, croatina and vespolina from Alto Piemonte. Brilliant acidity. Currently part of the bin end deal at TWS at £18. The well rated 2014 is about to be released at RRP £26.95 so this feels like good value...
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  17. 2014 Calvarino. The last glass used to semi poach a magnificent filet of turbot.
  18. That's a really lovely wine making the huge price hike of recent years all the more regrettable.
  19. Luis Pato, Vinha Pan 2013
    Dark core, purple edge. Smoky cherry, zingy acidity perceptible on the nose. Big on initial sip, bordering between dark cherries / mulberries and more chocolate or coffee overtones. Some oak spiciness and a morish acidity for balance. The aftertaste is a wide grip and solid tannins.

    Filipa Pato, Nosa Calcairo 2015
    Lighter in colour, a bit more beetroot on edge.
    A bit more closed,
    and clearly more "natural" on the nose, though not cidery.
    The acidity in the mouth is also more "natural" with far less fruit. This finishes a bit short and doesn't seem as well rounded as the Luis Pato one.

    Both are nice wines that speak of the winemakers' skills more than of the underlying terroir. Good fun by the occasional bottle.
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  20. Ouch! Looking forward to a few bottles of that myself.
  21. Have they stopped producing the Rosa del Rosa? I haven't seen it around for a while. (But I guess I haven't really been looking, either.)
  22. Lambrusco night last night, the Leclisse 2017 from Paltrinieri being classic stuff.

    We normally drink champagne on Bastille Day, but with today's kid goat we opted for an espumante from Luis Pato: the Quinta do Moinho 2011. Just looking up where to find that Carussin Filari Corti Moscato d' Asti now, so we can continue with the strawberries.
  23. Bliss. Was put on BBQ duty so to reward myself opened 1998 Pibarnon Bandol. Slightly cool from fridge but singing from opening. Lots of spice and dark plum, aniseed somewhere and cherry, smooth, integrated, who cares if no man should have to stand over a BBQ in this.
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  24. After a Fourrier shake, DLaurent gevrey VV 2013 with wonderful pungent nose and delicious slightly rustic body with andouillette
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  25. COS Frappato 2015. Chilled for an hour before serving, this is delicious. Vibrant red fruit, incredible freshness which is no doubt enhanced by the chilling and a tingling acidity that cuts through the palate and really carries the wine. Not complex but hugely refreshing on a hot day.

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