Weekend drinking thread 3 August

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  1. For is this evening eithe a Vilmart Coeur de Cuvee 2004 or Cuvee Orpale de St Gall 2002... undecided at present.
    Tomorrow at a friends for a BBQ so could be anything.
  2. Tonight, a first ever Picq (D&P). Vosgros ‘15 to accompany sea bass. Not entirely convinced by this vintage, so fingers crossed.
  3. I've got another new to me Aus Chardy to try this afternoon - Bellwether 2013.

    Yesterday had a couple of 2014 white Burgs.

    Chartron Chassagne Caillerets - which although there was undoubtedly some weight there, was rather in a slightly angry unkempt adolescence with a rasping raw finish.

    Jadot Savigny Clos de Guettes - this however overperformed, lots of floral and slightly smoky citric power on a long finish. Quite often find the lesser Jadot whites are a bit dull and underwhelming but this one wasn't.
    Better than the Jadot Santenay Gravieres and Chassagne Morgeot DdM of the same vintage.
  4. Had to Google details. Tasmanian - hope you prefer it to Tolpuddle, Gareth! ;)
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  5. Last night in Milan a Blazic Collio Friulano 2016 - a superb wine to accompany fish dishes. Collio whites remain very under-rated.
  6. Enjoyed an Egon Muller Kabinett 2008 the night before last. Perfect for a hot summer evening. Just the right balance of sweetness and acidity with plenty of slate, lime and delicate perfume on the nose. Good length and divine with John Dory.

    Last night a group of us dined at Noize and enjoyed DP 02 and Krug 04. The Krug being very much open for business, decadent, rich and very fine, the DP rather reserved in comparison.

    We then had a rather good flight of whites. A non-poxed pair of Burgundies. Daivissat Preuses 05 and Bonneau Corton-Charlemagne 99. Both splendid. But the standout for me was the Guiberteau Breze 2010. A distinctly mineral driven nose with some stone fruit (white peach) and hints of lime. But the power and finesse on the palate were wonderful. It raced around the mouth like Senna at his graceful best and what a finish, so long and pure. Yum! Glad I saved most of a case.

    The reds were lovely, a Reserve Leoville Barton 01, Figeac 04 and LLC 86. The Figeac was a delight. Cool and restrained, elegant on the palate. Not showy just classy. The LLC was fairly tight and shut down really only getting going after a few hours. The Barton was good but really put into the shade by its exaulted company.

    We finished with a d’Yquem 90. Very rich, so much barley and creme patisserie on the nose and an unctuous finish. Yum. But half a glass enough for my savoury palate.

    Well done to Noize for hosting such a noisy bunch. The sweetbreads, lamb and cheese were all excellent and the service exemplary. Sadly a 76 Meursault we took off the list showed a deeply oxidative character after 20 minutes and Mathieu happily swapped it out for the Dauvissat.
  7. Last night a Mullineaux Rhône blend under the A Scrucap label. Not sure of the details but they seem to have a range of SA wine from across the country.

    Today just opened a Tolpuddle vineyard Pinot, served too warm but quite decent.

    To be followed by the Scrucap Pinot. Producer unknown will report back.
  8. Ha ha yes indeed. :) though as it was from the Solent Cellar I thought you might know it. ;)

    Very estery on opening, green bananas etc.

    With air and warming up, settles down to a lightish peach kernel and greengage wine, a bit strange for a Chardonnay. No spiky edges and not unpleasant.

    I wouldn't buy again (£28 reduced from £35) but if it were half the price I could see it as an interesting alternative to a good Rias Baixas Albariño for example.
  9. Scrucap. Even.

    Chenin from Winery of Good Hope tonight. Ok.
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  10. Picking up this evening where I left off last night; Equipo Navazos Manzanilla La Bota 71. This is a real cracker, lots of flor notes on the nose, apple and saline palate with complexity and length. Very drinkable too!

    Last night also saw some F&M Roederer 2009, which was quite enjoyable but the fruit was a little flabby (a general ‘09 characteristic?). Not up to the standard of the 2012 vintage of this by a far way but decent enough.
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  11. Gareth that sounds lovely.

    So it’s Friday and the dry week is over. On my own so considerations on Champagne, magnum of Kabinett , 2013 Beaucastel,VV (buggers delivered VV Again !!! So that’s scratched).
    Opening winner is the Peay Vineyards 2013 Chardonnay which again shows as a lovely easy, smooth almost caramel edged sunny climes Chardonnay without the oak but with a nice weight and feel.
  12. Tonight a rather lovely Cava Brut Nature Loxarel 2013 with a fantastically refreshing sherbet fountain quality but complete dryness, as important a quality in Cava as it is in sherry and cider. The days of Cava being generally as dismal as what can be found cheaply in our supermarkets are long gone but it does have to be brut nature. This is not much like champagne at all but it is a hundred times nicer than the cheap champagnes I have been well meaningly served recently.
  13. lots of good kit at Noble Rot at lunch on Wednesday but everything put into the shade by 93 Pousse D'or Caillerets. What a wine with which to mark the start of an extended dry period (or the end of a wet one?). Just a perfect example of mature red Cote de Beaune.
  14. Velkeer Winery Svatovavřinecké 2015 from Slovakia. Svatovavřinecké is the local name for Sankt Laurent. Lifted and earthy, very aromatic, a little bit sharp. Juicy and full of fresh berry sensations, highish acidity. I'm not entirely convinced though it is perfectly drinkable: there is this tiny, but still annoying, scent of something confected and sweet that smells vaguely of some chemicals used for cleaning. It's not so strong that it would be off-putting but every couple sniffs I go "huh, that's a bit weird".
  15. Tonight just kicked into SuperDrive As a neighbour popped in for an hour or two.

    Peay Chardonnay went down a treat. Preffered when slightly warm but enjoyed by both “non white wine drinkers”.

    Opened a 1990 J B Becker late Reben Spatlese Trocken and too much of a culture shock. Dry sour and old with a nice mouldy top cork. One for tomorrow maybe or just myself. Wasn’t a crowd pleaser with a crowd of one.

    Then a 2013 Felseneck kabinett - very sweet for a Kabinett 7.5 % but with a acid edge.

    So I decided to introduce a GG to my pal - Peter Lauer Fass 11 2012; almost melon and edge of waxy butter compared to the sharpness of the sweet Kabinett. Went down a treat.

    Now finishing up with a new delivery that has surprised me for what it’s not rather than what is.
    Donhoff OB Auslese GoldK. You would think rich, unctuous, brown and sweet.

    Having it with a nice creamy Morbier and crackers. It’s not brown but almost Kabinett in colour, petrol on the nose (its only a 2004) and a lovely amlont of sweetness and acid but it’s all very much at the lighter feel and taste. Expected the big guns for this.
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  16. This Donnhoff OB Ausles GK has me perplexed. Have I the right wine.
    Almost has a acidic sour edge to it (minor amount in this element of smooth honey sweetness) a stunning Spatlese GK I would say and not a Auslese GK .
    Unusual yet lovely
  17. Just finished a glass of Tondonia Gravonia 2006. Lovely wine for sipping.Complex is an understatement. Each sip suggest something new. It’s a style you may love or hate but it’s a hell of a wine.

    Earlier we finished the Joliet Fixin 2013. Served cool it’s a complex and ripe Pinot. Theres a earthy touch and red fruit. But it just a little young, the tannn and acid pinch the finish at the moment. I think it will be very good burgundy, for now a little too serious.
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  18. A superb bottle of Philippe LeClerc Gevrey Cazetiers 1988 and a South African Chenin - recommended by Keith - which I will report on on the SA Dream Team thread.
  19. Nice 2012 Leitz Rudesheimer Kirchenpfad R K Feinherb...slight spritz through 2 days but delic!
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  20. Five of us enjoyed an excellent & convivial lunch at Arras York yesterday with a wonderful selection of burgundies, not a duff bottle amongst them:-
    Les Blancs
    Domaine Comtes Lafon 2011 Meursault Clos de la Barre
    Domaine Jean-Claude Bessin 2006 Chablis 1er cru Fourchaume
    Domaine Francois Jobard 1993 Meursault-Genevrieres 1er cru
    Domaine Robert Ampeau et Fils 1991 Meursault-Perrieres 1er cru

    Les Rouges
    Domaine J-M Fourrier 2008 Gevrey-Chambertin 1er cru Combe Aux Moines VV
    Domaine Rene Engel 2003 Echezeaux GC
    Domaine Dominique Gallois 1996 Charmes-Chambertin GC
    Domaine F Esmonin 1990 Griotte-Chambertin GC

    A number of standouts, yet all the wines notably interesting/highly enjoyable in their own differing ways, but to pick one (other than the always, for me, remarkable Ampeau) then the Lafon stunned me (positively) & prompted much chat amongst us. It almost resembled a Chablis, light of foot, fruity, lovely acidity and indiscernible oak. I've not, until now, drunk a Lafon this young but understand the Lafon style changed at some point around/before this time & that Dom Lafon preferred his 2011s to the 2010s.

    Not sure about the rest of the weekend ;)
  21. F165E89D-418A-40AE-84D5-12E68CD04E38.jpeg A4E95AF4-327A-410F-AF71-82FBFA9CCB93.jpeg

    This is one of summer’s best gluggers, but even with only 11.5% abv you can still hallucinate.

    Claus Preisinger Puszta Libre 2017, blend based on Zweigelt. Best yet.

    Sticking with Austria, lined up a Schilcher Frizzante from Strohmeier for this evening.
  22. Friday night we had the 2011 Domaine Weinbach 'Schlossberg' Riesling. This wine has now developed some honeyed notes but it still has a fine cut of minerality, depth, and great acidity. Lovely wine.
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  23. Well after a white wine Riesling and Chardonnay fest last night a Schoss Lieser Thomas Haag Kabinett 2011
    Sweeter than I’d expect for a good Kabinett and only 8% but it’s as expected utterly delicious and refreshing. Lovely balance and quality.
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  24. A bruiser of a beaujolais, Le Perreon 2009 from Domaine de la Madone. This wine has thrown a massive sediment which I assume is why Gauntley reduced it to £5 per bottle, but it is in tip top shape, very much the Rhone kind of beaujolais rather than the burgundy kind, but chilled then carefully decanted it is terrific fun to drink in this weather though I suspect the 13% on the label is a considerable understatement. I'm glad to have another case for when this one goes, and I find it extremely difficult to believe that this wine is not much nicer now than it was 7 years ago, it must have been utterly impenetrable.
  25. Yesterday at lunch with some forumites Domaine de L’Arlot Nuits St Georges Clos des Forets St Georges 2001. Not perhaps the most glamorous of vineyards in the Côte de Nuits but in Burgundy appearances can be deceptive. Pale in appearance with some rust at the rim. A spellbinding nose with all sorts of magical aromas rising from the glass. Incense, musk and smouldering joss sticks come to mind. The palate is understated, graceful with notable silk and the structure is perfectly integrated. Flavours are complex with wilted rose, coffee grounds and all sorts of decomposed matter from the eponymous forest floor. There seems to be a stem influence at play which might explain the mystery and allure. This is not a Nuits of say a Chevillon or Gouges. It seems to me to resemble more closely the stylised Nuits of Mugnier (Clos de la Marechale). This is nonetheless a wonderful wine from the greatly underestimated Domaine de l’Arlot.

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