Weekend Drinking Thread 9th August

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Mike Humphreys, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. It’s an early start but bit of a celebration weekend for me. Had deliveries of many new and fascinating wines and a very very successful few days of sourcing some but kick off with a classic.

    Fritz Haag 2001 Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Kabinett

    Relatively subtle nose but drinking nicely with that sharp line of acidity and still enough sweetness to call it a good Kabinett. Surely got years left in it.
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  2. Endless Vermentino. None distinguished, most not even good, but the Sardinian seafood is ravishing.
  3. Next up a beaucastel 2004. I’m not sure about this one, has it gone or is this old Beau VV. it’s pretty dark.
    I’m not sure I like it so maybe watch Vinexchange for a deal. I need to try again but the thought of another 5 bottles isn’t filling me with joy. Have some other roussanne to try.
  4. Enjoying another Guiberteau Breze 2010. This wine is really in a very good place right now. Stunning length and ravishing acidity. Perfect with a lightly spiced cauliflower curry.
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  5. It seems the Beaucastel may fall victim to waste. Such a shame but onto the next.

    Galatrona Petrolo 2009

    Maybe this needs a number more years but it’s drinking ok right now. On the nose it just reminded me of some of those older traditional left bank types like a leoville which given it’s a merlot which is odd. Still ideally needs food as has a edge on the finish but seems a serious and decent wine. I imagine a few more years under its belt this will be lovely.
    I have a case of the 15 which has a long road ahead of it but this 09 tester shows the quality and power.

    Question is do I get another case or two !

    Edit - that old leather left bank nose has evolved and generally gone as it opens up. Very interesting.
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  6. Celebration weekend continues.
    Another 2001 Fritz Haag which is very much a please across the scale.
    Trying a Stolpman Estate Roussanne 2015. Probably into the midweek drinker category but it’s pleasant enough with a bit of oil and wax and maybe a touch of oak still protruding.

    Also have their LAvion and some Dumol which I’ve never tried.
  7. The stolpman didn’t last long and it can keep until tomorrow so onto the main event.

    Snowden 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Reserve.

    A modern Bordeaux style with a lovely nose. Not an overly fruity, hot and big Californian.
    The ranch is an easier and fuller style.
  8. Fran has booked me a surprise birthday treat of two nights at the Vineyard Hotel & Spa near Newbury. The online list had some real gems, not least a Soldera Reserva which alas has gone, as have some of the others, but still bargains to be found. Tonight we are having a 2003 Egon Müller Scharzhofberger Riesling Spätlese followed by a 1994 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and for tomorrow I've asked the sommelier to get out of the cellar a 2006 Franz Hirtzberger Riesling Smaragd Singerriedel followd by a 1995 and 1991 Philip Togni Cabernet Sauvignon (not sure which to go for advice appreciated). Will report back, but expecting good to great things.
  9. Badenhorst Secateurs 2017 tonight. Pretty good QPR i think.
  10. A very good, slightly chilled, entry-level Marsanne/Roussanne from Bernard Gripa with their Saint-Peray 'Les Pins'. Bin ended at £17 these whites (not necessarily just this one) will soon be discovered by the wine-loving masses & the price will rise like everything else decent. Excellent winemaking and a wine that needs a few years in bottle to unfurl.
  11. Faiveley NSG vignerondes 2002 with bbq Sisteron lamb shoulder tonight. Excellent old fashioned burg.
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  12. Let us know on the 2003 muller and the 94 Mondavi, Id be having those myself. Sounds ideal.
  13. Loving the sound of that also.
  14. Castelnau de Suduiraut 2011. Really nice. Lots of nuts.
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  15. Lots of nuts expected this weekend:eek:
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  16. Pittnauer Fuchsenfeld Pinot Noir 2015. Really quite lovely with ripe but restrained fruit sharpened with fresh pithy acid and a little dry tannin. I’ve drunk a lot of Austrian red wine of late and generally speaking they seem to strike the right balance between being good fun and providing some interest and complexity along the way. An hour or so in the fridge makes this even better.
  17. Priorat 2012....v Rhône nose and flavour. My wife thought it too old but I loved it...great warmup for the Fratellis at Kelvingrove Bandstand.
    upload_2018-8-11_0-6-49.jpeg upload_2018-8-11_0-6-49.jpeg
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  18. I'm pleased to report that the Muller Spätlese 2003 was delicious. The nose full of stone fruit, hints of lime, and the very slight emergence of some kerosene as the evening wore on. The finish was a little shorter than you might expect but the acidity kept the sweetness in balance very nicely indeed. However, this wine felt like something of a warm up for the 1994 Mondavi which was spectacular. Perfectly balanced between tertiary aromas and quite rich black forest fruits. The nose was quite beguiling. At first very brambly then as the evening wore on hints of menthol and tyne emerged. The palate was still pretty powerful and very well weighted, tannins supple but caressing. It paired perfectly with some lamb. The food whilst on the whole good was at times very mixed. Dark chocolate sauce and foie gras? No thanks. The fondant potatoes were also such a let-down. Really just boiled potatoes with a browned edge. Very odd. They also seemed to sit everybody in a small low ceilinged room whereas the airy main space in the restaurant was left nearly empty. Made for a somewhat noisy dinner. Again an odd thing to do. Have requested to be moved into the better space for tonight so we might hear each other. Will report back on the Togni and Hirtzberger.
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  19. Gareth the odd deviation from the path of perfection you usually tread only serves as colour in the story and I am sure you will encourage the restaurant to raise their game for this evening.
    I can almost smell that 94 Mondavi, sounds amazing.
  20. ‘96 Maume Charmes Chambertin, still plenty of tannins and high acidity, just about to turn th corner, much better than previous bottle 2 years ago.
  21. Which vintage, Phil?
  22. Georges Laval Demi Sec champagne. Interesting. 100% petit meurnier and gives it this toasty flavour
    Quite pleasant and drinkable
    For a demi sec I think it’s got too much sugar at 40g 20-30 would probably be my ideal amount with this particular drink.

    The Stolpman Estate Roussanne from last night has opened up a treat and Gaines wax and weight.
    Potentially entering good value drinking. Certainly feeling better than yesterday.
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  23. 1996 Clinet - my first clinet and there are so many elements to like and you can see how this could be a great wine.

    Decent nose, enjoyable but may be missing something. Bit grainy and drying sourness on the finish.
    Not sure I would be getting this year again but certainly would look for better vintages.
  24. Ilarria Irouléguy ‘12.
    Bright ruby; blackcurrant pastilles, brambly; grainy tannins, marked acidity, an attractive rawness gives an untamed feel; a sour edge adds to an assertive finish. Drink now & next 3+ years. 88.
  25. A rare opportunity to drink some Cornas tonight after so many very hot evenings. A bottle of Dumien-Serrette 2000 is showing very nicely with deep red fruit, a touch of pine needle/resin, nice body and very good length. This is elegant Cornas from the Patou vineyard. Dumien-Serrette outperformed in 2000.

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