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  1. Huge thanks to Robbie Ward for organising tonight’s event. And all credit to Vinoteca for looking after us so well, in trying (torridly warm) circumstances.
    The wines were outstanding or better. TNs to follow, all being well. They matched a Peter Sichel led tasting of Ch. Palmer from the 80s, more than a few years ago.
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  2. Lucky you. Can’t wait for the notes.
  3. Many thanks to all, especially Robbie for his generosity in opening multiple bottles.

    I seldom drink Australian reds, but I very much enjoyed this small offline ... wonderful company and wines. It was very hot but ice saved the day.
    For me, these were wines of balance, perhaps one might say even old-fashioned in the best sense, without any sense of rusticity.
    The Shiraz from 1994, 2002 and 2003 were very fine. The 2002 and 2003 aging very slowly, but very enjoyable.
    I would have been hard pressed to guess the origins of these blind especially the 1994.
    Sad that these wines cannot be found in Europe.
  4. I've got one bottle of the 2000 Cabernet-Malbec in the cellars. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

    Alex R.
  5. Really enjoyable evening. Thanks to fellow diners for brilliant bottles and good fun conversation.

    Tyrell’s VAT 1 2002 - under cork, this was fresh as a daisy. Really crystalline on entry and then developed with gorgeous waxy texture and nutty saline flavours. Finish went on. No hurry but drinking wonderfully I thought.

    Wendouree Shiraz flight:

    ‘94 - great wine to kick off with. Initially I found the acidity slightly spiky, but it softened with a bit of air and became a really stunning wine. Ferrous and herbal, mid weight and great acidity. Apparent early that the style here is the complete antithesis of large scale Barossa Shiraz. There is power and flavour a plenty but it dances rather than punches.

    ‘01 - nose immediately showed roasted notes, coffee, slight bitterness. With air the whiff of maderisation reared it’s ugly head. Not hugely off the mark but as we went through the other bottles there was obviously some heat damage/poor storage at play here. Shame.

    ‘02 - so different to the ‘01. Fresh, clean, deep colour. Really leapt out of the glass. Real power here. Again the power is delivered with restraint and class. A stunning bottle. My favourite of the night.

    ‘03 - similar vein to the ‘02, but the freshness slightly lacking. Hotter vintage perhaps? Very good but a step down from the ‘02.


    ‘98 - the Mataro element is immediately apparent. More bloody/iron notes, herbs more front and centre. A very good wine, but consensus seemed to be that the blend felt less complex, was noticeably shorter. That said was still immensely enjoyable.

    ‘99 - very similar to the ‘98. The Shiraz flight showed 4 very different wines. Here the wines were much more homogeneous.

    We finished with a stunning bottle of ‘83 Rieussec. In a great spot!

    Always a treat to open a single bottle of Wendouree so we were very spoiled last night. For me it rammed home how frustrating it is that it is such a difficult wine to get hold of!
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  6. I had a 2001 last year and it was drinking brilliantly. Maybe not at its peak, but very enjoyable. Expect the 2000 would be similar. If it’s just the one bottle I’d be tempted to hold for a couple more years and drink on its 20th birthday!
  7. Very sorry to miss out on what looks like a fantastic evening.
  8. We were sorry you couldn't make it, Gareth - but given the news of rail problems in south London I guess we were fortunate no-one else was affected...
    (I'd travelled down the evening before and was within a bus ride of the restaurant - if I'd decided to travel on the day I'd have been caught up in the problems around Streatham)
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  9. I had the 98 Shiraz-Malbec just before Xmas, and it was great after a 4 hour decant.

    TN - Xmas lunch with the Weird Wine Group

    I presume a few people, like me, use their relos in Auz to pick up these. I have been buying on and off since the 06 vintage and have another 10 years to go before the drinking can begin....i had too much to actually move over to the uk before leaving for Auz and I hope that it was some of the forumite that picked up the mixed lots at Sylvies earlier this year.
  10. Extremely hot & we had to use ice buckets to cool down the wines. Therefore, the wines were constantly changing - with the need to return the bottles to ice. Very decent pours as only five participants, effectively we had two bites of the cherry - when I left plenty remained.

    Tyrrells Vat 1 Semillon ‘02.
    Pale lemon; classical - waxy, lanolin; marked acidity, good extract, phenolic; penetrating, extended finish. Starts slowly building to a crescendo. Needs 10 years! 94.


    Deep blood red; ferrous, dusty, straitened; power-packed yet well-proportioned, refreshing acidity, well balanced; lingering. Needs 5 years. 97.
    Dark blood red; meaty, peppery, more upfront; punchy, fuller, baked fruit. Powerful, in yer face finish. Needs 5 years. Suspect some heat damage. 91
    Purple; whiff of mint, fresh black cherries, plums; clean, stylish, refined but brassy, too; drive on an extended finish. Needs 10 years. 95
    Dark; chunky, beefy; fresh feel to palate, big, weighty; rugged, finishes well. Needs 5 + years. 93

    Rubied; earthy overtones, Mourvèdre deadens (as so often) the bouquet; iron fist in a velvet glove. Plenty going on & a bonzer finish. Now & next decade. 92
    Dark; more restrained on nose; mulled fruit, broad, chunky. Now & next decade. 92

    Rieussec ‘83
    I have enjoyed this many times over the 25 years. Mine all long my gone. This was a bottle in really good nick. Copper coloured (often occurs with aged Rieussec from warm years); Dundee marmalade, toffeed; sweet but with an edge; showing signs of age but remains potent & rich. Extended. If in the same condition, can be drunk over next decade. 93.

    The Wendouree lived up to its exalted reputation & the need for extended aging. Old fashioned in the best sense & the absence of flashiness welcome.
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