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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Robbie Ward, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. I have a few random bottles of Wendouree (94, 01 and 03 Shiraz and 98 Cab/Malbec) Would there be some interest here for an offline? I’d happily open all of my bottles, but hopefully there are some others lurking. Let me know if interested and/or you have anything from Wendouree and I’ll get a thread started in the offline planner if enough interest.

  2. Robbie, I would interested and have a couple of options including 1998 Shiraz. Best, Paul
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  3. Robbie - I don't have any but i'd be interested in attending and buying in if you go ahead with this?
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  4. Very interested, Robbie. I have Shiraz '02 & '06 + Cab-Malbec '06. None are fully ready but the first should be good to go & the latter two might be approachable.
    Date (& location to a lesser extent) dependent.
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  5. Definitely interested - have Shiraz Mataro 1998 and 1999
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  6. Ok great I’ll get a thread started in the offline planner. I need it to be a Thursday evening and can currently manage 21st June, 28th June, 5th July and 12th July. If we can all make one of these dates I’ll plump for that and then hopefully others can join.
  7. All those dates look ok for me a this moment - marginal preference for avoiding the 12th but should still be possible.
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  8. 28 June no go for me: clashes with another wine tasting!
    I have another wine bash on 12th, to which I’m uncommitted. Wendouree would take precedence.
    I have a work commitment on 5 July which takes me closer to London - so this might be preferable, subject to times. .
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  9. Potentially interested although whilst having an extensive collection of mature Aussie reds Wendouree is not amongst them. I could happily bring alternatives ....maybe even Rocky Black SS for Mark C...
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  10. Well with our guru is away in Verona. Otherwise, I’m sure The Wrath of Cannacann would be descended on you with great vengeance, for such an inflammatory post. :)
  11. Thread now up on Offline Planner...

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